How a Mezzanine Floor can Increase your Warehouse Space

Adding a mezzanine floor to your existing warehouse is an excellent, cost-effective and efficient way to add to your space without the inconvenience and high expense of a traditional extension or finding new premises. A warehouse mezzanine has a whole host of benefits, not least allowing for safe and efficient segregation of tasks, specialist storage and racking possibilities, quiet office space and the possibility of avoiding planning permission where applicable. Planning permission applications do have a habit of proving time consuming, so avoiding this hurdle is a major benefit, as is the avoidance of extra business rates, which are not applied to mezzanine floors.

You will find that in choosing a mezzanine floor to solve the space issue in your warehouse you will end up with an incredibly customisable and flexible space that will allow for future changes. Whatever you decide to do with your mezzanine, whether it is creating office space, rest and relaxation areas for staff or dedicated storage space you will be sure to reap the benefits. Allowing for a part of the mezzanine to be used by managers to oversee the running of the daily warehouse operation is a great way to ensure everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes by creating this birds-eye view you are able to spot and resolve any inefficiencies in how the ground floor space is being used.

One of the best features of a mezzanine floor is that because it is such a flexible space, there are so many excellent storage solutions tailor made for fitting in mezzanines that no matter what your requirements may be there will be a specialist storage system and dedicated racking that fits the bill. The aim of any warehouse efficiency review should be to improve picking time and keep a good segregation between goods coming in and goods going out. Used wisely, the extra storage space that a mezzanine floor allows for can help with this. You can organise your inventory better and reduce the risks of injuries and accidents caused by over-cluttered warehouse floors.

Mezzanine floors are very robust spaces that are able to take a high weight per square metre, making them suitable for storing items of all shapes and sizes. It is up to each individual warehouse operator to decide how best to use their newfound space and the beauty is there is no right or wrong answer. Every business operates in a unique way and there will always be the odd quirk that dictates how best to take advantage of a mezzanine in each warehouse. The beauty lies in the fact that mezzanine floors allow for great flexibility and easy adaptation should the initial idea need tweaking.

Because a mezzanine floor is so much less expensive than extra real estate, some of the money saved can be used towards ensuring that the space is kitted out with the best and most suitable racking and storage solutions for your business. If you think about it, not making use of what is essentially free air space is quite absurd.

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