How temporary buildings can grow your business in the WFH era

With the roadmap out of national lockdown now firmly in mind, many people who have worked from home during the pandemic will be looking forward to returning to work. 

That may mean very different things for different companies, however. While some sectors have suffered badly during times of lockdown and social restrictions, others have managed to thrive

You may be a business owner that has seen success over the past year, but it may have left your previous premises unable to handle your newfound size, staffing or stock requirements. 

If so, temporary buildings could offer you a quick and affordable solution. Here are some of the benefits. 


If the departure from lockdown continues at its current pace, you may well need new or extended premises in a hurry. 

Rather than get tangled up in a protracted deal for a new bricks-and-mortar office, shop or facility, temporary buildings give you the chance to move or extend in a matter of weeks, or maybe even days. 

They can be constructed, to your specification, in timeframes that won’t affect your business and can help people get back to work faster. 


Many businesses do not anticipate a sudden return to previous working schedules, with working from home set to remain a part of our lives for a long time to come. 

There may well be social distancing measures to consider, and a temporary extension will allow you to implement this until a permanent solution is found. 

The versatility of the buildings also extends to their use. Whether it is as office space, storage or something else required by your business. 


Purchasing new business property does not come cheap, but temporary buildings tend to be much more affordable when comparing those of similar sizes, uses and specifications. 

Adding new premises to your company’s portfolio at a more affordable rate will buy you a new space and the time to find a better deal on a site your business can move to in the long-term later on down the line. 


They may come at a lower price point, but that does not mean that you have to give up on the high standards of your business and its employees with temporary buildings. 

They can be built with fully operating electrical, aircon and plumbing systems, meaning you and your staff don’t have to skip on amenities and breakout areas. 

A workforce that operates in comfort is likely to be more productive and focused on the job at hand. Opting for temporary buildings with all the facilities of a regular structure can bring that to your business. 

Are you thinking about expanding your premises in the future? 

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