4 Best Programs to Construct a House

Only a few years ago we had to use professional cameras to take a simple picture or ask a professional to edit a one-minute video. But now everything has changed. Today everyone can develop an app, such as m.22bet.ug/mobile/, or even construct a house. To become an architect, choose one of these user-friendly programs.

Sweet Home 3D

The Home Designer is ideal for those who need to quickly and efficiently design a room layout. 

The online platform is free: you only need to create an account to work. But the web version offers a limited set of tools. To expand the functionality, you can download the software on your PC. It will allow you to export the result and modify the drawing of the house.

Sweet Home 3D has the following benefits:

  • Furniture catalog: just choose what you need.
  • Different display options. The plan is shown in 2D or 3D view.
  • Allows using a real plan. Here you can import the drawing into Sweet Home 3D, as well as adjust its scale and outline.

Sketch Up

This program was created in 2000 to make learning 3D modeling fun. It is easy to learn, has a simple interface, and offers a free trial to help you learn the basics of designing furniture, houses, and apartments.

SketchUp offers:

  • Finished designs that other users have created.
  • The ability to design interiors and exteriors from scratch.
  • Large catalog of objects, materials and designs.
  • User-friendly layout preview. Everyone can quickly turn 3D models into 2D presentations and offer a virtual preview to other users. The platform integrates with VR applications such as Oculus and Microsoft HoloLens.
  • Because SketchUp is a Web-based app, an online layout is available. It can be opened on all operating systems wherever you need.
  • Import and export several types of graphic files, see 3D models on phones and tablets, and use unlimited cloud storage.

The web application has three paid subscriptions with different features. SketchUp Pro is best suited for interior designers and allows everyone to plan and develop accurate 3D models using an extensive library of objects with materials, unusual surfaces and textures.

Planner 5D

Multilingual, free software for designing a log, batten and other finishing materials for a home. Planner 5D is an easy-to-use architectural software that requires no special professional skills. It can be opened online or downloaded to iOS and Android devices. The program also allows you to create your artwork on your laptop or tablet.

In Planner 5D, you can:

  • Create photorealistic projects with the click of a mouse. The software allows you to create professional 3D design visualizations without any special skills. All images are rendered on the server.
  • Use furniture from the catalog, which contains more than 20 categories of items.
  • View the layout in augmented reality.
  • Use 2D and 3D editors in modeling.
  • Resize and change the appearance of objects and customize finish materials.


ArchiCAD is a professional software for 3D modeling and building design. The structures are created with high accuracy, you can use preset templates or simulate in free mode. Available to create drawings and specifications.

The program will be an excellent solution for the design of construction projects of any complexity. There is also a function of viewing the landscape design and internal layout of the house in 3D. All changes are automatically saved at any stage.

Yet, this program has some disadvantages. After the 30-day trial period, you need to buy a license, and you don’t have access to full reference literature within the program. So you need to find  third-party platforms for education.

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