Why Choose A Construction Management Software With Built-In Intelligence?

Working on construction projects needs contractors to continuously work and monitor various parameters of quality construction in order to ensure timely execution and profit generation. And one of the most crucial factors that help to achieve the quality is the use of the right technology, especially construction management software that can help automate the task related to workforce management, resource allocation, and operational goals. 

Using an integrated construction management software with cloud functionality and built-in intelligence features allows an optimized workflow cycle eliminating any chances of pilferage and unwanted overheads. 

Business Intelligence & Construction Project Management

Business intelligence is a technology designed to process data allowing improved operational management. Construction firms can leverage this technology to prevent any error-prone processing of the data to ensure maximum transparency. 

This is why Business Intelligence technology has managed to gain a significant position in the development of construction ERP software. The use of Business Intelligence technology in the construction project management process allows working on project schedule, cost overruns, and critical project resources giving a save on time and improved maintenance.

Features Of A Construction Management Software with BI

  • Dynamic Dashboard: Working on a business intelligence-based construction management software allows easy graphical representation of data for quality decision-making.
  • Customized Reports: Get an intuitive view of the project data and progress.
  • Convenient Data: Have universal accessibility and convenience you need to control data.
  • Transparency: From employee data to approvals and billing, BI allows you to ensure maximum transparency.
  • Predictive Analytics: Using BI technology in construction management software allows managers to keep a check on business opportunities. Also, it gives you the advantage to analyze any lost bids and investigate them to make educated decisions and use the information for having consistent and promising results.

The Benefits Of Using BI Based Construction Management Software

When you are having a business intelligence-based system that can analyze data and process it to add value to routine operations, contractors get the benefit of improved decision making and a more accessible resource utilization strategy. 

  1. Reduced Risk: when it comes to risk reporting managers need immediate access to data and when this data is managed through business intelligence, working on the risks and losses becomes much more streamlined.
  2. Minimized Error: unlike legacy practices that are purely based on human intervention, using business intelligence allows users to overcome any error through automated data processing which ultimately helps to improve transparency and faster data transmission. 
  3. Cost Control: business intelligence in construction management could help with cost control practices as contractors get the ability to pre-plan their budget and time for maximum profit margin while ensuring rapid and sustainable progress.
  4. Third-Party Integration: another good reason to use smart construction management software is the ease of implementing third-party integrations that can help to simplify operations with advanced technology features like IoT, voice operations, etc. 
  5. Save More Time: last but not least, using Construction management software with built-in intelligence allows contractors to have maximum save on time without compromising on efficiency and effectiveness of the operations. Also, using such a system can help office staff and project managers to experience versatile data analytics to enjoy an improved project pipeline. 

The Crux

All in all, using construction management software with BI can help the contractors to keep all the data organized and managed. This is why more and more construction firms are relying upon the technology aiming for better project management, resource control, and accounting. 

And if you are having trouble sustaining projects or facing a tough time working on opportunities, all you need to do is plan for an intelligent BI-based construction management software that can help you meet your business needs without compromising at any stage of the project lifecycle.

Author Bio: Ed Williams is the Senior Team Lead at ProjectPro, an integrated construction accounting software. He holds a massive industry experience and is a Microsoft Dynamics expert who is focused on successful implementations. He is a visionary leader and always aim to deliver the best to the construction and project-oriented industries.

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