Discover Street Scenes From The Past With The Decades Digital Tool

Taking a walk back to days gone by could not be easier thanks to a new digital tool developed by UK House Builder, Barratt Homes. The tool has been created to celebrate Barratt Homes building their 500,000 home and shows you just how things have changed since 1958 when Barratt first burst onto the scene.

The Decades project starts back in the 1960s, over 60 years ago! It will show you the fashion, cars, and display some iconic events from the decade. Once you have seen and read about the 60’s a click of a button will then take you across to the 1970’s, and the project ends in the 2020’s during a time where everyone in the world saw a change with the pandemic better known as COVID-19.

The ‘Barratt Homes Through The Decades‘ tool also takes a look at house prices as you move through the decades, starting at mere £2,500 on average back in the 1960s for a house, and in just 40 years booming into the £150,000 region by the mid 2000’s during the property boom.

David Thomas, Chief Executive of Barratt Developments, said: “To mark the significant milestone of completing our 500,000th home, we wanted to take a look back at how much things have evolved over the past seven decades.

“This digital tool will take viewers on a journey from the 1960s right up to today so they can explore what made each era so iconic.

“Creating communities has been a lasting legacy of ours since 1958 when Sir Lawrie Barratt first founded Barratt Homes and we are extremely proud of our contribution to society over the past 60 years. We now look forward to a new era of house building, one rightly shaped by the green agenda but still very much grounded in community.”

Barratt has always had quality at the forefront of its mind. In 2020, it was awarded the maximum five-star rating from its customers (HBF) for the 11th year in a row following the results of the annual Home Builders Federation satisfaction survey.

Looking to the future of housebuilding and its next 500,000 homes, Barratt has pledged its commitment to create a positive environmental, social, and economic legacy for future generations. For more information on any Barratt or David Wilson Homes developments nearby, visit or

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