The Benefits of Using Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheets can be used for a wide range of applications within a wide range of industries. From aviation and automotive to military and medical, acrylic is the preferred option for thousands of sectors across the globe. With an unparalleled level of quality and performance, read on to find out why you should choose acrylic sheets for your next project.

It is lightweight

Regardless of industry or sector, weightlessness is a key element of most design projects. Acrylic sheets offer the same level of protection as glass without the added weight. This is one of the main reasons why its popularity is steadily overtaking that of glass. Its lightweight quality makes it an ideal material for the application of glazing and roofing. It is also commonly used in DIY projects as a result of its buoyancy and flexibility. If you are new to the world of acrylic sheets, why not try try Clarex. With optimum levels of excellence and supreme functionality, there really is no alternative to products like Clarex.

It is cheap

When it comes to acrylic sheets, the cost is a fundamental consideration. Generally, acrylic sheets tend to be cheaper than glass sheets. They cost less to source and transport and offer a wider range of benefits for a fraction of the price. Industry accredited acrylic sheets, such as clarex, are also relatively cheap to maintain. A wet microfibre cloth should be enough to blot any dirt or smudges and retain its clarity. It is worth comparing costs from a number of different suppliers before you make a final decision.

It is durable

Acrylic sheets can offer greater protection than glass whilst weighing up to 50% less. Acrylic is the preferred choice for a growing number of applications due to its ability to withstand extreme force and temperature. Even in high impact situations, acrylic sheets are unlikely to shatter or break. If pushed to their absolute limits, they are only likely to fracture into large, dull fragments. This is one of the main reasons why acrylic is utilised for a variety of applications and purposes within a wide range of industries and sectors. These include shower doors, aeroplane canopies and even aquarium enclosures.

It is transparent

Acrylic is one of the few transparent materials that retains its translucency over time. It allows sunlight to pass through while filtering out UV light. This prevents it from turning yellow or falling victim to discolouration. The light transmittance level of acrylic stands at 92% while the light transmittance level of glass falls behind at 90%. With maximum sunlight and a lower UV index, there is no better alternative.

It is malleable

As well as being transparent, acrylic is much more malleable and easier to fabricate than glass. By applying heat, acrylic sheets can be sculpted and moulded into virtually any shape or structure. It also retains its shape when cooled which allows it to be altered by tools as easily as timber or wood. 

Acrylic is a popular material choice produced by manufacturers on a global scale. There are a variety of benefits associated with using acrylic sheets as opposed to wood or glass. It is important to fully research the pros and cons of any material before you make an informed decision.

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