3 Expert Tips for Saving £7,000 on a Your Dream Kitchen

1. Refresh your kitchen worktops with durable vinyl wrap

Parminder Mew, Construction Director at Darcy Construction said: “If your worktops are looking a little outdated and you’re seeking an instant solution, covering them with a quartz overlay is a fantastic trick. Quartz overlays simply slot over your existing work surfaces and immediately refresh your kitchen’s aesthetic.”

You can pick up quartz or marble vinyl for around £50 for 15 metres of wrap, which should be enough for a standard-sized kitchen. 

     2. Swap kitchen cabinet doors and handles instead of replacing the entire unit

Parminder said, “You can easily revitalise your kitchen by swapping out your cabinet doors and door handles. More specifically, consider replacing your cabinet doors (keep the carcasses) for as little as £25 per unit – this is incredibly cost-effective as changing your doors can transform the look of your kitchen. 

“Consider changing your door handles, opting for a new design. Handles can be purchased for as little as £2.99 each, instantly changing the style of a kitchen.”

Based on an estimate of 30 cabinets per kitchen, it would cost £840 to replace the doors and handles.

     3. Replace your tap, not your sink

If your sink is in good condition, you could save money by only simply your tap. Parminder says, “This can refresh the look of your tap area without breaking the bank. Taps can be found for just £35 whilst professional installation should only cost £75 for a two-hour job.” 

That’s a total of £110.


Article credit: https://oceanfinance.co.uk/blog/11-expert-tips-to-save-ps11560-on-a-diy-home-renovation/

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