Everything You Should Know about King Post Retaining Walls and Their Many Benefits

The retaining wall has been a necessary element for numerous properties for many years, and with the right retaining wall, you can effectively protect your property and its assets from collapse or destruction, especially from nature’s elements. But whilst retaining walls in the past were often built on-site  (and some still are today), the pre-fabricated or pre-cast retaining wall has become a far superior means of protecting your property in a shorter period and with more convenience and ease as well. Your retaining walls can indeed make a vast difference, but there is one kind of retaining wall that has always been a highly recommended choice: king post retaining walls. So what makes king post retaining walls an unbeatable option? Here’s everything you should know about king post retaining walls and their many benefits.

  • Fast construction plus a cheaper alternative

One excellent factor that makes king post retaining walls a superb choice is their fast and easy construction and installation. Since the wall is already pre-cast, it means all you have to do is set it up and install it in your desired area. What’s more, it’s a cheaper alternative compared to various other retaining wall systems, like concrete piled retaining walls or sheet-piled retaining walls.

Aside from this, king post retaining walls are simple to install – you don’t need an expert on-board to help with installation. Moreover, installation is silent and free from vibration – which adds further benefits to your project. The fabrication of king post retaining walls can be done by builders off-site, which also means that you save time and money and reduce the risks associated with on-site building and fabrication.

  • Making adjustments is easy on-site

Another aspect that distinguishes king post retaining walls from other wall systems is that it is relatively easy for you to make any necessary adjustments on-site. In addition, the system is versatile in itself, so if you need to make minor or moderate changes or adjustments, you can do so on the field without worrying about delays or disruptions to your project.

  • The walls are useful for many applications

Many property owners opt for a king post wall system over other systems since they are useful for a wide range of applications related to retention. In addition, you can choose varying heights to accommodate uneven ground or terrain conditions, including rugged terrain such as rock.

You can make use of king post retaining walls not just for the exterior walls of your property but also for your basements. But the most common use of these kinds of walls is for retaining embankments and to act as flood defence.

King post retaining walls have been the obvious choice for many years, and it’s even cost-effective when used for hard ground, and the piling will not be affected by groundwater, either. There are many builders and suppliers of king post retaining walls, but to be more confident of your choice, look for king post walls that feature more secure tongue and groove connections for each panel along with steel columns on each end to serve as extra support and stability for the pre-stressed panels.

Image attributed to JPConcrete.co.uk


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