‘4D is cheaper, faster and easier than you think’ – claims new guide

A new free guide breaking down the barriers to 4D adoption is available to download now.

The guide, published by cloud-based BIM and digital twin specialist, 3D Repo, debunks myths and highlights the benefits of using 4D for construction projects and improving stakeholder engagement.

Lead author of the guide, Matthew Osment, head of digital twins at 3D Repo, said:

“Modernising the UK construction industry is core to its future and ultimately the creation of a better built environment. 4D is mostly associated with the planning and project tender stages yet it can drive improvement and efficiencies throughout the construction timeline.

“Take-up is increasing as contractors realise the wider benefits of 4D for the entirety of the project. Benefits such as waste reduction, time saving, and improved communication and collaboration are too important to ignore.

“The more we work with 4D, the more opportunities we see for improving the construction landscape. It’s only a matter of time before 4D becomes the new standard practice so now is the time to get on board.”

Founder of 4D consultancy, Freeform, and chair of the 4D Construction Group, James Bowles, also contributed to the guide:

“Using 4D means better planning and delivers significant improvements in safety, time, cost, waste, and collaboration. It’s incredibly effective and 4D is growing at an exponential rate.

“As this process evolves so do the tools that we create to support using 4D on projects, particularly for site teams. It’s simpler than perceived and its ability to assess opportunities and risks is invaluable for any project.”

3D Repo most recently collaborated with Freeform on an Innovate UK project, harnessing the power of 4D to develop a customisable online training tool.

Download the free guide here: https://bit.ly/3D-Repo-4D-white-paper

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