The Best Tips to Set Up an E-commerce Warehouse

When organizing a warehouse for an E-commerce business there are a few things to consider. A good set up will help increase productivity later and reduce the risk of accidents occurring. Here are some tips that could make the process easier.  


  • Electrical installations: Electrical systems should be considered early on and need to be properly set up to make sure that they meet certain standards and building regulations.
  • Ventilation ducts: Ductwork can be costly to install. By checking that ventilation systems and layouts are installed correctly, you can save a lot of money and avoid having to remove and reinstall ducts. Make sure that vents aren’t positioned in an inconvenient way. For example, vents which are close to areas where employees work, may create drafts making it uncomfortable to work nearby. Vents also should not be placed behind any tall equipment or furniture that could hinder the airflow. 
  • Safety procedures and norms

There are many potential hazards lurking in a warehouse. Protecting employees by providing safe work equipment and ensuring all shelves and tall furniture is stable and secure is vital to ensure safety. Employers should draw up rules and guidelines for handling heavy equipment and working on certain surfaces. Even guidelines on how to walk in a warehouse and how to protect yourself from falling objects should be given to employees. Special training is required for driving forklifts safely. Warehouses need to be free of clutter and any cables or obstacles on the floor should be avoided and cleaned up immediately. It can be safer to push heavy equipment, rather than pull it, the EHS Daily advisor recommends.


How can you optimize the space in your new warehouse as best as possible?

Consider the size of your product:

  • Will you store products by unit, by box or organise them in other ways?
  •  Which type of shelving is best suited for the products?
  • Will you need several different floors or just one? (Usually, big logistics platforms have several floors, but it depends on how many items you store and how big the warehouse is.)

You can find many different sources of inspiration which highlight the best types of shelving, important safety measures and other areas that are essential for warehouses.

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