The Eco-Friendly Forklifts You Need to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Forklifts are essential for ensuring warehouse operations run as smoothly as possible at all times, but not all of them are kind to the environment. Diesel machines are particularly unforgiving in this sense, due to their high, harmful emission levels that contribute to ambient air pollution. Although, as advancements in technology continue, it’s never been easier to swap an older vehicle for another, more eco-friendly alternative.

How environmentally-friendly is your current forklift?

It might be that your existing forklift, or fleet of forklifts, are already relatively sustainable, but some machines are more environmentally-friendly than others. Those looking to reduce their carbon footprint will opt for an electric machine, but they’re not always suitable for the application a warehouse owner might need them for. 

Brands such as JCB are looking to launch brand new diesel forklifts that have never been cleaner in terms of emissions, so this might be a more viable option for those looking to take steps towards a more eco-friendly way of working. 

But for now, how environmentally-friendly is your current machine and what are your eco-friendly options?

How eco-friendly is an electric forklift?

Considered to be the most eco-friendly of all the forklifts, they’re used for a wide number of applications in an extensive range of industries. They’re so clean, in fact, that they can be used indoors for long periods of time. Although, the way in which you use and charge the forklift can affect your carbon footprint in more ways than one.

An electric forklift needs to be recharged, almost daily, in order to be fully-functional. This means using energy to top the machine up. If you leave the forklift charging for a considerable length of time every single day, it could raise your carbon footprint over time. 

This is far more likely to happen if you use an electric forklift all day, every day. If you only need to use it for a few hours once every three days, for example, then the vehicle won’t need to be charged as frequently, which will save energy.

Multy Lift are pleased to be able to offer their customers both new and used electric forklift trucks, perfect for a wide range of different applications. The professionals at Multy Lift can provide electric forklifts made by a number of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Even if you need a vehicle for short-term use, Multy Lift has flexible electric forklift hire arrangements that are ideal for handling busy periods at short notice. 

How eco-friendly is an LPG forklift?

Propane forklifts are also considered to be a clean energy source as they too can be used indoors as well as outdoors. If anything, they’re far more powerful than an electric vehicle, but LPG machines also have their disadvantages.

They’re still being powered by fuel and so, naturally, emissions are given off as a result, making them slightly less eco-friendly than an electric forklift. However, they don’t produce the same level of pollution as a forklift that’s powered by diesel or even gasoline.

If you wish to implement an LPG forklift, then look to Multy Lift for a fast, effective and affordable piece of material handling equipment. They have an extensive number of new and used LPG forklift trucks. In addition to that, you’ll also have the option to hire an LPG vehicle should you need it for the long or short term, rather than it being a permanent solution. 

How eco-friendly is a diesel forklift?

Diesel forklifts are exceptionally powerful forklifts that are better suited to outdoor applications, mainly for the safety of workers and to preserve stock. Diesel forklifts produce harmful gases that, over time, will have a detrimental impact on the environment. If you’re looking for a robust, effective machine that is sustainable and ideal for use both inside and outdoors, then an LPG forklift is the best solution for you.

If your operations simply cannot go on without the use of a diesel forklift, then Multy Lift will be able to supply you with high-calibre machines of exceptional quality. Whether you need a new or used diesel forklift truck, then look no further than Multy Lift for an ideal solution. You’ll also have the opportunity to hire a diesel forklift to ensure absolute ease and convenience.

The eco-friendly forklift manufacturers you should look out for

Looking after the planet and being environmentally-friendly has never been more important and thousands of world-renowned companies are taking a more sustainable stance on the way they run their business. From design and engineering to manufacturing and packaging, companies are looking for more eco-friendly ways of doing things and that doesn’t stop in the warehouse. 

Multy Lift are proud to be able to provide their customers with a forklift that’s been carefully constructed by the following manufacturers, with each one keeping sustainability, for the good of the planet, at the forefront of everything they do. From car sharing initiatives to switching out the paint they use, each of the companies featured in the list below are looking to transform their operations into a green, sustainable way of working and it’s since become remarkably popular.

If you’re looking to purchase or hire an eco-friendly forklift, then perhaps look to acquire a machine that’s been constructed by the following brands:


Pleased to offer electric and LPG forklifts – some of the most eco-friendly machines on the market – Mitsubishi have recently developed internal combustion forklifts that are fully-fitted with envirO2 engines. These engines will ease the burdens conventional diesel emissions have on the environment. 

Due to them having integrated an internal environmental management system, Mitsubishi have since been awarded industry-leading credentials, including the ISO 14001 Certification in warehouse and production settings.


Having paved the way for hybrid cars, Toyota then went on to design and manufacture a hybrid forklift – the Geneo. Carefully crafted to tackle the most difficult of material handling applications, this hybrid model saw a 50% improvement on overall fuel consumption, making it incredibly fuel-efficient in comparison to a traditional diesel forklift.

Promoting eco-friendly initiatives, the Geneo vehicle is designed and built with the same capabilities as a large, robust diesel forklift, so you can rest assured that your machine will be just as powerful and high-performing, just without the harmful emissions.


Keeping the environment at the heart of everything they do, CombiLift is dedicated to producing material handling equipment that are cost-effective, fuel-efficient and exceptionally powerful. Both their diesel and LPG forklifts adhere to the strictest efficiency and emissions guidelines, over-engineered to elongate the machines’ lifespans and subsequently reduce overall maintenance costs.

In addition to pumping research into making their products more sustainable, CombiLift endeavours to reuse and recycle materials wherever possible in order to keep generated waste to an absolute minimum. As well as this, CombiLift also uses local suppliers for parts and components, helping to reduce their carbon footprint even further.


With nine environmental initiatives, JCB is arguably one of the most eco-friendly material handling companies in the industry. Those initiatives include:

  • International standards
  • Managing energy
  • Distribution
  • Efficient machines
  • Solvents
  • Evolving engines
  • Waste
  • Supply
  • Promoting biodiversity

Continuing to harness the latest technology and knowledge to better the sustainable choices they make, it’s no wonder that their environmental performance has improved at an impressive rate. With such a forward-thinking philosophy and attitude towards the environment, JCB will focus on the following things to try and lower their carbon footprint considerably:

  • Total waste – this includes the reduction in single-use plastics
  • Wood waste – understanding where the wood has come from and if it’s from a sustainable source
  • Chemicals of concern – identifying and reducing these chemicals along the supply chain
  • Car use – implementing a car share policy to reduce the environmental impact people have when travelling to the workplace
  • Paint – this will help to reduce solvent and material waste overall
  • ISO standards – implementing ISO 14001 in any plants that have not yet been accredited
  • Engines – delivering more eco-friendly, electric solutions to the market

JCB also has plans to introduce the cleanest diesel forklift that they have ever designed, engineered and manufactured. This will help to provide machinery to those who need high-performing vehicles for outdoor use and/or across rough, uneven or loose terrain. 

If you’re looking for eco-friendly material handling solutions that’ll stand the test of time, then look to Multy Lift to provide you with robust, reliable forklifts of the finest quality. Even their highly-affordable, used forklift trucks are in top condition and come with the relevant certifications for your peace of mind. Whether you’d like to purchase or hire a high-calibre forklift, Multy Lift can always be looked to for superior warehouse solutions – for more information, get in touch with a member of their specialist team today.

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