Skirting Board Designs

Your skirting’s profile or shape Any board or architrave can enhance the final look of any project. Interior, and our stock portfolio is unrivalled.

Perhaps you are interested in matching the profile. Use your existing skirting to add or subtract space in your loft. You can restore an old property with love. Sometimes, you may even be able to start from scratch. for a new building. We have the right profile for you, no matter what your project is. We are available to help you with your needs.

Different Types of Skirting Board Designs

There are many options when it comes to skirting boards styles. There are many options. There are many options when it comes to designing your home. We find it a little difficult to believe that we are selling at all. 


They are made to faithfully reproduce a timeless moulding design From the Victorian period. This design is a timeless classic that has been in use for many years It can be used in a variety home styles and lasts for many years.

Victorian-era skirting boards are usually larger than modern. Skirting boards are great for rooms with high ceilings. floor spaces. Victorians don’t need to be in a period home. Modern homes can still use skirting boards, however. This adds a touch of elegance from the past.


Another style that remains popular is the ‘stylized’ look. Time now. The sweeping curves and straight edges of the profile make it stand out. It is a skirting board that can be adapted to various interior styles design.

The ogee skirting boards are subtly decorative and not intrusive. Loud. This skirting design is ideal for modern and traditional styles. Traditional spaces. MDF skirting boards featuring ogee designs are available Unfinished allows you to pick the finish you want for your project Skirting boards to match or complete the Architrave’s room decor You can choose.


They are very similar to the square-edge skirting boards in that their design is simple. It is simple to form, but with a nice curve. A simple, single radius. Bullnose design is a classic and timeless style. It is a classic design. This is an option that anyone can use if they are unsure which skirt to choose. Board to choose from

The bullnose is simple to clean and maintain, which gives it a lot of versatility. It will work in any interior. Its simple design makes it easy to fit into any interior. Bullnose skirting is effective at many heights. This is not always true for skirting board profiles.

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