Bridge connecting Partick and Govan to be built in Glasgow City Centre

Glasgow City Council and has unveiled plans to build a bridge over the River Clyde connecting Partick and Govan, with funds from the City Deal: a £1 billion investment in the Glasgow City region by the UK Government and Scottish Government.

In an attempt to better the travel connections in the area, and therefore help make-up for the economical loss due to Covid, a bridge will be built connecting Govan at Water Row and Partick at the Pointhouse Quay, near the Riverside Museum. The project will include a cycle route between the New South Glasgow Hospitals Campus, Govan, the Pacific Quay and the city centre. It will also feature a new pedestrian route between Cessnock Underground and the Pacific Quay. A combined cycle and pedestrian route will run from Glasgow University, through Govan, Glasgow Harbour, the SECC, the new proposed bridge and into the city centre.

With a budget of £113.9 million, the cable-stayed swing bridge will have a 115m long deck and a rotating centre span of 68m and has been described as one of the longest opening footbridges in Europe.

The proposed bridge, for a simple solution, is sure to make a lot of people happy.


The bridge is also designed to encourage an uptake in cycling and walking. Glasgow City Council has made strives in the past to bring down the pollution in the city, including, for instance, the implementation of Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone near Trongate.

On Twitter, @LinesDashed said: “Nice wee 2-way cycleway on Pearce Lane. Good as far as it goes, which is one block! Should get more use once the Govan-Partick bridge is built at Water Row.”

The bridge is sure to make commuters happy, given the variety of jobs across the Clyde.

@UofG Medicine said: “A new bridge is planned for Partick-Govan – great news for our students and staff travelling between [Glasgow University] and [Queen Elizabeth’s University Hospital].”


More commuters will mean of course more industry. With Partick’s amenities physically out of reach from Govan since the 20th century when the river ceased to be used as a seaway, a bridge will create a quick and inexpensive way to reach Partick, bringing customers to its restaurants and attractions.

With a rise in economy in the area comes a rise in house value. Take a look at the for-sale website to check house prices.


The City Deal regeneration project as a whole will be implemented all over Glasgow with a combined budget of £400 million. A good chunk of that money will go to the 15,000 construction jobs the city plans on giving during the construction period. An additional 28,000 permanent additional jobs will be assigned once construction is complete.

Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council, called the project “tremendously exciting” and said they were sure to transform Glasgow and its economy by bringing thousands of jobs during and after the construction.

He added: “These projects will help to tackle long-term economic issues and build a platform for future prosperity.”

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