5 Stylish Home Refurb Ideas Every Contractor Should Consider

As contractors and construction experts, we all know that a key aspect to keeping a client happy is having plenty of choices when it comes to home refurbs. To make a house truly feel like home the craftsmanship takes an element of personality only the client can give you.

Having the scope of available furnishings and ideas to facilitate this process will keep clients happy and word of mouth spreading for your business. So, here are some stylish home ideas to consider adding to your catalog of options for your future refurbs.

Don’t Shy Away From Stone

In these modern times, with a wide range of flooring options available for homes, the humble stone options can be forgotten. With so many types of engineered wooden flooring making headway in the market, especially for kitchens, taking it back to natural stone can make you stand out from your competition.

Not only does natural stone flooring look stylish, but it can fit in miraculously with different overarching aesthetics and room color palettes.

While we are in the kitchen we can;

Provide Some Structure

While pillars are mostly used for structural purposes, they can offer so much more. Some rooms can benefit from a stylish, well-placed pillar. KItchens, in particular, can benefit from aesthetic pillars because they can double up into functional fixtures and be used for shelving and storage.

We all have that internal dilemma with where to put our spice rack. And pillars open up the doors for a range of new and unique design elements you can incorporate. This is, of course, assuming your client is open to the idea.

Always better to have unique ideas than the same old ideas everyone else is pitching!


Consider Repurposing Those Empty Walls

Every homeowner – or office owner – wants to feel like they are making the most out of their spaces. There is no better way to do this than re-purposing bland, drab, empty walls. I mean, they can always decorate them but turning them into something useful is by far a better option.

As you well know there are so many things that can be done to turn a wall into something functional, but what about turning it into a whiteboard? If not the entire wall, then using the right paints that coat even a section of a wall could be useful.

Every home needs a to-do list for housework or a place to write recipes. Every office needs some kind of board for strategy meetings and presentations – so why not make that board a spare wall?

Offer Quality Furnishings

A big part of staying on top of the construction contractor game is having quality furnishings. While the top of the range furnishings may not be every client’s cup of tea, offering it can never hurt your business as long as you offer alternatives for all price ranges.

A big one that can get overlooked is radiators. Radiators serve a crucial role and will be in every home, but adding some stylish radiators to your catalog of furnishings will give your client greater scope.

Gone are the days of fitting a basic white radiator to a wall and leaving it at that. There are plenty of places to source high-quality, good-looking radiators for all aesthetic styles and all different functions.

Towel racks are an excellent example. They can elevate the whole feel and look of a bathroom tenfold! Trade radiators have an excellent range to choose from and are certainly worth considering.

They can also provide a BTU that’s comparable to your more conventional radiators – with their quality heating capabilities they can be suited to kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms too as a stylish alternative to the standard look. 

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