British Gas takes the customers of the failed PfP Energy & MoneyPlus

Recently the two energy providers PfP Energy and MoneyPlus Energy went out of business. Ofgem has chosen British Gas to take on their customers. PfP Energy leaves a total of 87 600 customers, of which 82 000 domestic and 5 600 non-domestic. MoneyPlus had 9 000 domestic customers under contracts.

Ofgem’s director of retail, Neil Lawrence, said: “I am pleased to announce we have appointed?British Gas for the customers of? PfP Energy, and MoneyPlus Energy. Their energy supply will continue as normal,?and customer credit balances will be honoured”. 

What will happen with the customers?
Over the next couple of weeks British Gas will contact the customers of the failed providers and their customer accounts will be moved. As of the 11th of September, customers have already been supplied by British Gas’ energy. 

It is important to note that British Gas will honour the credit balances of the customers of PfP Energy and MoneyPlus. As for the customers who are in debt and owe money to their old providers, they should wait to hear from the administration of the providers. Furthermore, the consumers on direct debit plans will be contacted for the set up of their new British Gas accounts. 

What can customers do?
Although customers are automatically switched to British Gas, this isn’t their only option for an energy supplier. They also have the option to look around for cheaper energy providers and switch their contracts for a deal that suits their needs. Switching providers will be possible once their transfer from ?PfP Energy?or MoneyPlus Energy to British Gas is completed. However, if customers do want to stay with British Gas, they can simply wait for the instructions and set up their new accounts.

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