Trade body supports new roof insulation group

A new cross-industry forum set up to share advice and best practice in the use of sprayed foam insulation in pitched roofs has launched its first position statements.

The Property Care Association (PCA) and the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) have joined forces to lead the Leaders Forum of Sprayed Foam In Domestic Roofs.

Working with lending institutions, residential surveyors, heritage groups and government, the forum’s aim is to pull together knowledge and information centred around the use of sprayed foam insulation that has been applied to pitched roofs in domestic buildings.

The forum’s technical working group has now prepared its first two position statements.

The first document covers buildings that are Listed or protected by statute or planning legislation, looking at factors including the consents needed for application.

The second looks at roof coverings of significant economic, architectural, historic or cultural importance, and includes guidance on the application of spray foam on materials including certain types of slate and stone.

Both statements be seen at –

The forum is also working to create a resource to help surveyors recognise the different properties of polyurethane foams that are typically applied to pitched timber roofs and provide the means by which surveyors can understand risk, undertake evaluations and guide consumers.

Steve Hodgson, chief executive of the PCA, said: “As we move into an environment where mortgageability will become increasingly associated with energy-efficiency, there will be inevitable pressure on home owners to implement improvements to their properties.

“But there are recent cases of individual owners having their homes rendered unsaleable, or found unable to raise equity release funds, as a result of having sprayed foam insulation installed in their existing pitched roof space.

“With the RPSA, we are initiating an industry wide research project to help us all fully understand the implications of sprayed foam insulation and where it can, and cannot, be safely used.

“Under the process, an industry stakeholder group addressing all interests within the sector, including, but not limited to, lenders, lawyers, surveyors, valuers, installers, and professional associations, as well as certification authorities, and government is being formed.

“Within that framework we’ve created a technical working group, whose first project has been the two position papers.

“The working group will manage a call for evidence and then report back to the main stakeholders, who will consider the outcomes and create guidance for their own organisations, for surveyors and valuers, legal professionals and, most importantly of all, for consumers.”

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