An Informative Guide For Families Looking To Move To Stratford

What comes to mind when you first hear ‘Stratford’?

For many who are familiar with their English Literature lessons from school and college, you know that Stratford Upon Avon was the birthplace of the world’s biggest playwright, William Shakespeare. 

Prior to becoming one of the most attractive residential and commercial destinations in the UK, Stratford was famous for holding the Stratford Shakespearean Theatre Festival. The Avon Theatre is a major symbol of the UK’s cultural and artistic heritage and draws plenty of crowds. 

However, this article is not dedicated to understanding Stratford’s cultural capital. In contrast, we are going to look at helping families that are looking to move to Stratford with an informative guide. 

Where is Stratford Located?

 The first thing that you should know is that Stratford is part of Greater London’s district. Technically, everyone refers to Stratford as East London. It is just four miles from the northeast part of the main city of London. 

Stratford is governed by the London Borough Council of Newham. The postcode of the Stratford district is E15. This means that in terms of location, it is just outside of London’s main city centers. 

However, you do not need to worry about being too far away from the major city destinations. For example, Westminster is just six miles away. Similarly, in addition to Canary Wharf, Stratford has emerged as London’s second biggest business district. 

Major Benefits of Moving to Stratford in 2022

The first thing that you should do when you decide to make the move is to get in touch with the best house removals in Stratford

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the major benefits that individuals and families should be able to experience after making the move to Stratford-

  1. The perfect mix of urban and suburban life- 

Let us face it. London is too crowded with never-ending traffic jams. When you move to a location like Stratford, you can hope to experience free movements, better air quality, and a decent standard of living. There is no dearth of leisure, entertainment, and business centers in Stratford. However, better roads and public infrastructure mean it is better planned. 

  1. Great leisure and amenities that are truly world class- 

In 2011, just before the London Olympics of 2012, Stratford opened doors to the Westfield Shopping Centre. This became an area of the congregation for residents of Stratford. This was unlike anything the region had ever seen. Bowling alleys, more than 250 shops, entertainment centers, food courts, and more have made this the top leisure destination in Stratford. 

  1. A leading destination for business and capital in the UK– 

Real investment started flowing into Stratford post the London Olympics in the UK. This drove development projects and established Stratford as the second biggest business district after Canary Wharf in London. Post this, the region is seeing the inflow of skilled professionals as well as investors looking to make the most of the region’s prominence in terms of business. 

  1. Better safety, security, and lower rates of crime- 

The past few years have seen the administration step up its vigil and surveillance to make Stratford a safer region. This part of London was not always famous for its safety records. However, initiatives like Safer Stratford and Stratford Original have gone a long way in decreasing crime rates in neighborhoods. This has made it safer for professionals and residents. 

  1. Well connected in terms of transportation to other centers- 

The Tube is Stratford’s lifeline. Two lines, Jubilee and Central provide direct services to Oxford and Bond Street. There is also a high-speed train line that goes to St. Pancras. This means that if you want to head onwards to France, this will not be a problem. Stratford is connected well on the northern, southern, and eastern sides to London. 

The Bottom Line

With the government investing in developing Stratford as an alternative to ease the stress and pressures on London, this is the best time to invest in a new property. Property rates are slowly rising. The best part is that you can get your hands on different types of property. Whether you are looking for apartments, condos, or large Victorian homes, there is always something for everyone in Stratford. 

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