Bathroom Decor Tips for Luxury Home Developers

Contrary to popular belief, home developers need constant access to luxury décor tips and ideas than the average homeowner because of how frequently they must use, reuse, and reinvent similar bathroom décor concepts repeatedly. At the same time, the ability to do so is what keeps them in business. On that note, here are a few tips and suggestions collected from the industry’s leading luxury home developers to mull over.

Use Tadelakt Plaster Instead of Tiles

Tadelakt refers to both a form of antique lime plaster, as well as the guarded technique which is used to manufacture the waterproof plaster. The exotic plaster finishes were unique to Morocco once, but they have recently become a much sought-after alternative to bathroom tiles in luxurious homes across the UK as well. The way this ancient but complex material can make waterproof tiling unnecessary is quite amazing. So, why use tadelakt in a bathroom over anything else? This post on Decor Tadelakt should provide more than just one answer to that question. They are one of the few genuine options available in London, capable of properly installing tadelakt in custom designs. Proper installation is essential to ensure waterproofing.

Motifs in Light, Dark, and Gold

Nothing says regal like an expertly done bathroom décor in shades of contrasting dark, white, and golden hues. This is provided that the bathroom being decorated is large enough to accommodate the posh theme. There are several ways to go about it of course, but the tricky part is using gold accents, accessories, and focal points in a restricted manner, so that the bathroom doesn’t end up looking gaudy instead. Go through a few pictures to get a better idea of the concept being discussed here.

Underfloor Heating is a Must

Luxurious décor is not just about how the bathroom looks, but also how you feel while using it. Therefore, it’s never nice to feel like you are walking on ice right after stepping out of a hot shower. That’s exactly what the tiles are going to feel like without underfloor heating, so this one is a must have feature for any luxurious bathroom.

As a home builder or general contractor, it would be up to you to make sure that the construction can support underfloor heating. It is highly recommended that the necessary arrangements be made during the planning stage itself. It might still be possible to add underfloor heating post construction, but that may not always be an option. Although no one can exactly “see” an underfloor heating system, they will certainly be able to feel its absence on a cold winter day.

Plan the Light Fixtures Carefully

Without proper lighting, even the most carefully decorated bathroom can look dull. Although each luxurious bathroom requires a custom lighting solution to truly shine, mood lighting never fails. Smart lights are fast becoming the default options for posh interiors in general and the bathroom is no exception. Proper illumination is also a must for any bathroom so adding dimmer switches makes it possible to have a relaxing bath in dim, ambient lighting, or light up every corner of the bathroom with ease when needed.

No Wallpapers

Using wallpaper in a bathroom or on a wet wall is not the best idea, especially when we are discussing luxury interiors. Even if something suits your desired theme, the moisture will eventually get to the wallpaper, making the walls lose their aesthetic appeal quickly. Bathroom wallpapers are also infamous for harbouring mould behind them, and that is a serious health concern.

Blue and Green Marble

There was a time when malachite in alternation with blue marble made for some exquisite decor elements in the bathroom, but malachite becomes toxic on coming into contact with water, even if the polish keeps it from happening for years. Play it safe and simply alternate blue and green marble instead.

The bathtub, the flooring, and the sink are primary candidates for natural stone decor, but wall racks, cabinet racks, mirror frames, and other bathroom accessories can also be made part of the blue and green marble theme. If you decide to use white tadelakt for the walls, then vibrant hues of blue and green marble sinks and tubs can create truly dazzling contrasts in between the two natural materials. The entire setup can be costly to incorporate, but the right client will gladly pay for the end result.

Any classy bathroom décor without art in it looks unfinished but as a home developer, that is not up to a professional to decide what kind of art would appeal to the owners. What they should do however, is leave space for an accent wall for the owners to decorate in their own vision. This wall should be as far away from any source of water as possible.

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