3 Things About Quantity Surveyors You Might Not Know

In order to construct any infrastructure, there should be proper planning, designing, and a feasibility analysis about the proposed construction. This process is known as quantity surveying and is done by a quantity surveyor. It requires performing a feasibility analysis, which involves planning, designing, cost evaluation, value determination, risk management, and more.

You may have heard about quantity surveying several times before, but there are some things you may not know about a quantity surveyor. Check these out.

  1. What is a Quantity Surveyor?

Quantity surveyors are responsible for estimating and controlling the costs of construction projects. They will also make sure that the structures have met the legal and quality standards. Furthermore, quantity surveyor agencies are involved in every step of the project. Whether commercial, residential, or industrial projects, clients rely on quantity surveyors to ensure that the project outcome offers the best value for money.

Quantity surveyors are involved in the financial aspects of the project and control the entire budget. They also know a great deal about building materials, building legislation, materials, etc. The best quantity surveyors are highly organized and great at negotiating.

  1. Monitoring Profit and Loss

One of the most significant roles that quantity surveyors have is monitoring the profit and loss of a project, which involves compiling monthly reports to keep track of the progress of a project. Their work also includes recording costs incurred for the project as well as projecting future expenses. The quantity surveyor must also produce summaries showing the money that comes in and out, monitor risks, and report factors that could most likely affect the project’s profitability. Quantity surveyors need to think more carefully about the project budget and negotiate a better deal with reputable scaffolding companies local to the area.

  1. More Woman are Joining the Industry

More and more women are getting into the quantity surveying profession nowadays, demonstrating that continued focus on improving gender diversity is indeed taking place. Over the past few years, there has been an increased engagement of young women getting into the surveying industry. Marketing materials that have greater female visibility have been used to promote the profession in schools and universities. Engaging female YouTube influencers have also contributed to the increased engagement among women by demonstrating promising careers, including quantity surveying. Furthermore, programs such as the Inspire Schools Programme have specifically targeted women as young as 13 to 15 while ensuring greater reach in terms of socio-economic diversity and ethnicity.

  1. There is a Current Shortage

Quantity surveyors are in short supply in the UK these days, making it challenging to recruit and keep skilled surveyors. A survey highlighted this shortage, which was published in a 2019 report. The report pointed out how organizations are experiencing significant difficulty in recruiting and retaining quantity surveyors. Given the increasing demand for construction in the next few years, not to mention an aging workforce demographic and the migration challenges resulting from Brexit, the shortage of quantity surveyors will persist in the coming years. When there is a shortage of skills, and the demand is higher than the supply, salary will naturally increase.

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