Benefits of Using IoT in Construction Business

This content is sponsored The Internet of Things (IoT) has become very popular and widely used in many industries. Connectivity through various devices and gadgets is capable of improving business efficiency, data gathering and productivity, among other things.  Even construction businesses stand to gain from using IoT equipment and software Continue Reading

LHC invites public sector professionals to The Future of Frameworks: Constructing the Gold Standard webinar

An upcoming webinar aimed at public sector professionals will explore the latest research and key issues around the best use of frameworks to deliver the standards of the Construction Playbook, including examples of best practice. Hosted by LHC’s London & South East team, The Future of Frameworks: Constructing the Gold Standard offers a Continue Reading

There is another way: why the Scottish Government’s Ventilation Fund grants for small businesses are simply the wrong answer

There is no doubt we should applaud the fact that, in the wake of major societal disruptions such as the recent pandemic, authorities are trying to come up with initiatives to improve our situation and further protect our health. But sometimes, well-meaning though these proposals are, it is hard not Continue Reading