Commercial Office Renovations: 5 Essential Things To Know When Hiring A Skip

Hiring a skip is often an essential part of any office renovations. The size and type of skip needed will depend on the scope of the work being done, and you will need to do your homework to get the best value and size. It is always best to choose a business that provides services in your local area to ensure that you get the best service and value for money. 

It can help to discuss the work with your builder to ensure that you make the right choices for your skip hire. You should plan a commercial office renovation carefully to minimise disruption to your business. Here are some of the key things to know when hiring a skip for your commercial office renovations. 

Decide On The Scope Of Your Renovations

You should start by knowing the scope of the renovations you will be carrying out. The skip and permits needed will depend on the amount and type of waste that will need to be disposed of. For instance, you will need a different size skip for a single room refurbishment compared to a whole office renovation. Consider your plans carefully, discussing your needs with your builder to decide the right size and style of skip to hire. 

Look For Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is always critical when choosing another business to partner with. You should look for a skip hire company that is responsive and there when you need them. They should be able to talk you through the skips they offer and give advice on the best option to use. You could also look at a company’s reviews to get an idea of other peoples’ experiences with the business. 

Understand The Skip Sizes Available

Learn about the options available and the sizes you can expect to find for your renovation works. Ensure that you choose the size that will give you the best value for money, but be wary of choosing too small a skip for the amount of waste the renovations may create. You will need to ensure the skip is filled safely, as going over the lip of the skip can constitute an unsafe load and lead to extra charges.

When assessing businesses to choose for skip hire, ensure that the company you select offers a wide range of sizes and has experience with commercial skip hire. Skip Supply Network is an excellent option for any business who wants to know their waste management will be in safe hands. 

Know What Not To Put In A Skip

It is crucial to know what waste you cannot put into a skip. Anything hazardous like asbestos will need to be disposed of by professional specialists. You should check the items a company will accept for removal and ensure you make appropriate arrangements for any items a business cannot take. 

Ensure Waste Will Be Disposed Of Appropriately

It is a good idea to choose a skip hire company that will dispose of your office waste materials responsibly. You could look for businesses that recycle things that can be reused and ensure that none of the materials goes directly to landfills. This can be particularly important for companies that want to promote sustainability practices. 

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