How long do composite doors last?

Generally, composite doors are a big investment for any interested homeowner. It could be because you want to upgrade the look of your home by working on the front and back doors. Or you simply want to ensure your project has a clean appealing look. But for most homeowners, the big question remains, “how long do composite doors last?”

Read on to find out everything you need to know:

How long do Composite Doors Last?

First things first, composite doors are primarily known to last for at least 30 years. So, you will be looking at a minimum of three decades of service for your property from these high standard doors. They are usually potent, with their main feature being built to last. However, with proper maintenance, your composite door can definitely last you more than 30 years.

In fact, for the first 30 years, you will not have to maintain anything. But as the years progress, you might have to make some repairs, such as replacing hardware, glazing or even the seals.

That said, when you settle for a composite door for your property, you are making a clever investment in your property. Therefore, you deserve to enjoy the value it promises.

For instance, experts at Composite Door Company in Glasgow will readily tell you that a composite entrance door is a reliable way of increasing the market value of your property, which makes your home very attractive to home buyers. So, it’s something you would want to consider if you’re planning on placing your home for sale.

Do Composite Doors Fade?

A beautiful and stylish composite front door gives your home a wow factor. Not only to your family and friends but also to anyone interested in buying it (when/if you ever decide to sell it). It will also help you make a statement in your neighborhood.

However, since most front doors tend to fade, especially when exposed to strong sunlight, you might be wondering if this will be the case with your precious composite door. The last thing you want is a tired-looking front door.

The good news, however, is that you don’t have to worry about fades. You see, composite doors are made from durable materials featuring Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), which is a tough skin to crack. It’s incredibly durable even when exposed to all types of weather, including heat and cold.

So, whichever your location, you can rest easy knowing your composite door will not fade. It will look fresh and as good as new for many years to come.

Will a Composite Door Warp?

Front doors and other outer home doors are exposed to many environmental factors, including excessive heat and water. Some doors, such as timber and uPVC can easily expand or shrink under such conditions, causing them to warp.

However, since composite doors are reinforced with a potent core and plastic skin, they tend to stay watertight no matter the weather conditions. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing your door won’t face any warping danger throughout the years.

Are Composite Doors Safe?

Factoring in the above information concerning composite doors, we can confidently say that they provide a high level of safety and security. They are not only water-resistant but also durable for long term use.

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