Kitchen Renovation Savings: Easy Ways To Cut Granite Worktops

Planning a home renovation project can be a challenging task. Renovating a kitchen specifically is both a rewarding and difficult task to undertake. Deciding what you want the final design of the kitchen to look like and choosing the colours that will be used and the materials incorporated into the design is exciting. However, you want to ensure that you select the right colours and materials that will be lasting, such as granite worktops.

Another thing to consider with home renovations is hiring a professional or doing it yourself. Choosing to complete any renovation work yourself can help you save a considerable amount. As long as you plan properly, doing renovation work yourself can feel rewarding once complete.

For instance, if you were incorporating granite into your kitchen for the worktops, you might decide to cut and install these yourself. Here are a few easy ways to cut granite worktops if you choose to save money on your kitchen renovation.

Invest In The Right Tools

After deciding to cut the granite worktops yourself, you will need to invest in the right tools and safety equipment. Safety goggles and a dust mask will help prevent you from inhaling the dust or getting into your eyes. Purchase and use earplugs if you are sensitive to loud sounds. Cutting through granite will be extremely loud, so wearing earplugs will protect your hearing and help you feel more comfortable.

 It will be easier to cut granite worktops with the right tools on hand. Look at the options available from Amastone granite tools, the selection on offer will provide you with the right tools for your home renovation project. Investing in these tools will be helpful to have for the next renovation project you have planned.

Setting Up To Cut

Ensure that the granite you are cutting is placed on a stable worktop surface. After setting it in place, clamp it down to prevent the granite from moving whilst you are cutting it. Check that the granite top you are about to cut is not moving freely. If it is, clamp it down further with more pins. Keeping it in one place will help make it easier to cut and reduce errors.

Measure the countertop space where the granite is going. Ensure that you also measure the distance from the wall to help determine the countertop’s width. You can measure the granite to mark how much you want to cut with these measurements. Mark the cutline and cover it with blue tape. This will help to minimise chip-out.

Begin Cutting The Granite

Before you start cutting, ensure that you have prepared the saw. Avoid using a weaker blade as it will not be able to cut through the granite. Instead, you will need to have a diamond blade for the saw you use, regardless if it is a wet or dry saw.

Try to keep the tool moving without forcing it as you start cutting. Keeping the tool moving when cutting the granite will help deliver the cleanest cut to your new granite worktops, minimising any chip-out.

Keep these tips in mind when you prepare to cut the granite for your kitchen worktops. It will help you minimise errors when cutting and installing your granite worktops for your newly renovated kitchen. You can enjoy your recently updated kitchen to cook dinners and entertain guests when all renovation work is complete.

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