Improve Your House Entrance With 5 Door Hacks

Living in a house has so many perks from an architectural point of view, as there are countless options on how to improve, secure or simply make it look nicer. If you live in a house, you have certainly already done some renovations or reparations to it, or at least, you are planning to! Whether you plant new flowers in the garden, add some wooden element for décor or an aluminium door for style, every single detail adds up to the coziness and homey feeling you want to achieve.

In this article we will focus on entrance doors, as they play a big part in the appearance of your house.

Front Entry Paint

There is nothing better than a freshly painted entry door, especially when it is an eye-catching color such as pastel green or orange. Depending on the colors of your walls and walkway, combine the perfect color for the entry door and bring freshness to the whole look. Not only does it affect your house appearance, but it also provides safety for the door itself. This could be a great DIY project for the whole family!


Full Length Windows by the Door

Who doesn’t want more daylight in their home? You can mix styles and combine your wooden door with aluminium glass windows. Not only does it look modern and stylish, but it also brings so much light into your house that it automatically makes your home feel warm and welcoming. Adding façade systems around the entrance lights your interior and provides comfort to your guests. You can add tall plants in the inside of your home, just underneath the aluminium windows, as it will be a perfect sunny spot for them to grow in, and they will make your entrance look so appealing!

Upgrade Your Hardware

There are so many different hardware fixtures that you can use around your entrance door and all of them may get old with time, whether by the UV rays or rain water. So, buying new fixtures every now and then should be on your to-do list! You can shop for new door knobs, door knockers, mail slots, handles and house number plates and make your entrance seem even richer. Combine different materials and different colors between the elements and make it your own! Make sure the house numbers are big enough to be seen from the street!

Install Lightning at the Entrance Door

Installing lights is so important for your family’s safety and for curb appeal. Coming home at night will be so much easier as well. There are countless wall-mounted light fixtures you can choose from in order to illuminate your entrance. You can also add wall lanterns on both sides, or if you have a covered doorway, a flush mount fixture will do the job.

Accessorize your Doorway

Last but certainly not the least, accessories can always make a simple area look more stylish. Holiday season is the easiest way for you to decide how you want to accessorize your doorway. Whether it is Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving décor, make sure you add a little something around your doorway. A simple door wreath with Christmas decorations, a big orange pumpkin next to your dark colored entrance door or even a spooky skeleton sat on the patio, these are all little things that bring so much spirit to your home. But why stop there? Entrance accessories can be used on regular days as well. You can add a doormat with some interesting design, a flower wreath or small planters at the entrance and make it your own. There are no limits to accessorizing your house really, so whatever you choose, make sure it brings joy to you whenever you enter your home.

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