The Most Economical Storage Choice for your Warehouse Space in 2022

With import prices skyrocketing year on year, and the need of storage facilities increasing within, it’s not only crucial to make the most of the warehouse space available, but also to ensure that it’s the most cost effective and long term solution. International product shortages and delays meant Range Storage has provided more and more national businesses the customised storage solutions they needed to be able to cope with the higher demand of online sales during and after the Covid -19 pandemic. As a UK based manufacturer, they have control over the quality and the lead times of each product.  

Why are Metal Pallets the Most Cost Effective Solution for Warehouse Storage?

Longevity has to be one of the number reasons why more and more warehouses with automated systems and manual systems invest in metal pallets. With wooden pallets having an average usability time of 3 years, and plastic pallets just simply not being strong enough most of the time whilst not being versatile enough, their metal alternative can be used for over 15 years.

These pallets being the most durable also allow a heavy load which ultimately leads to more products being able to be stored/carried supporting a higher order fulfilment in a reduced time. You’ll be lowering your running costs too, looking after other aspects of the business and aiding the financial wellbeing of your brand overall.

These pallets are the most versatile out of all the other choices, meaning whether your storage space is purposely built for the food industry, healthcare or more, they do not habitat bacteria and easy cleaning provides a hygienic and safe storage solution.

With Range Storage offering a pallet repairing service in the UK, if your storage solutions show a little wear and tear, the team will be able to repair this the most time efficient way possible. Restoring the original strength of the pallets is only possible when made out of metal, outranking the alternatives of wooden and plastic palettes.

The Ultimate Storage Tool For Efficient Goods Storing and Transporting

If your industry needs a more practical storage and transportation solution, then the steel stillages manufactured with over 35 years experience from Range Storage will be your best bet. Offering the same excellent qualities with the additional versatile function, allowing you to transport goods the most practical way, without having to rack them multiple times. 

By eliminating that additional step, this process will benefit your business in multiple ways whilst saving money on multiple aspects of the process, from storage equipment, to transporting.

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