Six things you should consider before buying a fitted wardrobe

Buying fitted furniture is an expensive decision that requires careful planning. Adequately selected furniture set will perfectly complement the interior, making it more functional and attractive. Consider six simple recommendations before buying fitted wardrobes in London for your home. Urban Wardrobes is always ready to advise and assist in choosing quality built-in furniture.

1.   Do I need to buy a fitted wardrobe?

Deciding whether fitted furniture is right for you to optimize space is essential. Such designs are highly functional and easy to use. Usually, they include drawers, shelving, and pull-out structures, helping save interior space, which is especially important in small apartments.

More extravagant models include built-in laundry baskets, compartments for a TV, work desk, bed, and storage space. These are fully functional storage systems. You need to understand whether you can fit such a piece of furniture set into the room. At the initial stage, deciding on the structure’s design is essential to do it perfectly into the interior.

2.   How much does a fitted wardrobe cost?

Buying a fitted wardrobe is expensive. When choosing custom-made professional furniture, it is essential to maximize the use of all available space. Such a pleasure is not cheap – you must spend at least 3,000 pounds to get a functional and high-quality model.

The more individuals you want to make the design, the more you will have to pay. A ready-made solution will help save money, but it is not always possible to fit such a design into the room, so measurements should be taken in advance.

3.   How long will fitted furniture last?

Reliable brands always provide a good warranty for fitted furniture – sometimes more than ten years. Other companies may not offer such a good warranty but provide free service if the cabinet breaks.

The service life largely depends on the quality of assembly and materials. Equally important is the quality of installation of the fitted wardrobe in your room. This work should be done by experienced craftsmen using special tools to ensure the best result.

4.   Should I get a consultation?

A professional built-in furniture company is always ready to answer all questions by providing product information. Experts are prepared to advise on the optimal layout and design to build a wardrobe that perfectly complements the interior.

5.   Should I choose a big brand?

Many people are thinking about if it is worth choosing big brands or is it better to give preference to simple companies. When choosing, you should consider many characteristics, among which are:

  • Whether you buy a ready-made design or prefer to make an individual order, it depends on how thoughtful your interior will be.
  • Budget for the purchase of furniture. A fitted wardrobe will cost a lot, so you should consider all the expenses allocated for the purchase.
  • Terms of design and installation. If you are not quick, you can devote more time and attention to individual design and optimization of free space.

When choosing the right brand for a fitted hallway wardrobe, you should pay attention to the company’s reputation, examples of work, and customer reviews. The final result directly depends on this.

6.   Is it worth making a fitted wardrobe with your hands?

Many buyers prefer to install a built-in wardrobe on their own or ask their friends to do it to save money. If you prepare to do the task yourself, you should choose the tools, evaluate the work’s scope, and familiarize yourself with the design features.

Before installing a fitted wardrobe, evaluate your options. Carefully read the instructions, and take measurements and special equipment. Set aside enough time to complete the work. If you are unsure of your competence, seek the help of specialists.

Not everyone can cope with such a difficult task on their own. The choice depends directly on your experience and professionalism.

When choosing a fitted hallway wardrobe for your home, you should see this option to appreciate all its benefits, functionality, and incredible style. There are such advantages of built-in wardrobes:

  • optimization of free space in the room;
  • stylish appearance;
  • the ability to choose the design for the interior;
  • individual approach;
  • ideally suitable size;
  • adaptation to your lifestyle.

High-quality built-in furniture will last many years without losing its attractiveness and reliability. At Urban Wardrobes, you can find different examples of built-in wardrobes and other furniture that perfectly complement your interior.

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