How can contractor SEO help your business?

When you own a website, it probably won’t be long before people start to tout the benefits of search engine optimisation (SEO). They will tell you that your contracting business will not only be climbing to the top of the search engines but will be making more sales too. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, no. There are plenty of benefits that contractors can enjoy from SEO. In fact, with the wealth of benefits there are, it is no wonder that people start to look to SEO experts as a way to generate job leads for contractors.

Let’s jump into some of the benefits that your contracting business may enjoy when you invest in SEO.

Ensures People Can Find Your Business

People aren’t pulling out the Yellow Pages to look for companies now. Those days are long since passed. If somebody wants a contractor, then they are going to whack ‘contractor’ and their local area into their favorite search engine (normally Google).

If your site can’t be found in the searches then, well, you just aren’t going to be getting any business. You may be able to claw a small amount of business in through expensive advertising elsewhere. However, nothing that you do on the advertising front will even begin to compare to how much cash you can make by dominating the search engine rankings.

Increase Sales

Contractors live and die by their leads.

Obviously, your site’s search engine position is going to get more eyes on your website. Assuming that your SEO keywords have been selected well (i.e. what people tap into the search engines to find you), then most of these hits are going to be from qualified leads. You just need to push them over the edge.

Good quality SEO is probably the best way to rake in those job leads. If your site converts well, then you will be making a ton of cash. In fact, you may even get so much business that you have to turn away.

An ecommerce SEO specialist will have the job of ensuring that the leads that you gain from SEO are qualified leads. This means people that are in the mood to buy. Hopefully, this will make it a whole lot easier to convert them into a paying customer.

Increase Company Reputation

Even if you don’t grab sales right away, the mere fact that you are ranking near the top of the searches is going to reflect well on your company.

In most people’s eyes, when a company is near the top of the searches, it means that they are good. While they may not order from you right away, the brand of your contracting company will stick in their mind, and, hopefully, this could lead to a sale a little bit later on down the line…or perhaps a recommendation to their friends & family.

Reduce Advertising Spend

Advertising is ridiculously expensive. There are countless contractors spending bucket loads of cash on PPC advertising through platforms such as Google Ad Words. Yes. This can bring in the business. However, the world of contracting is insanely competitive. It is not uncommon for companies to spend a few quid on generating each lead.

As a site climbs in the search engines, there will be less of a need to rely on advertising. This means that, for many companies, their marketing budget falls down.

Sure, proper SEO will cost a bit of cash. However, when done properly, the cost per lead with SEO is a fraction of that of paid advertising.


Nowadays, contractors need to invest heavily in SEO. Those that do not may notice that the number of sales that they make decreases. In fact, contractors not utilising SEO could easily find themselves with no sales at all. Therefore, if you have a contracting business, it is wise to start looking into ways to increase your position in the searches. If you can, business will increase too.

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