Cleaning and maintaining concrete floors: Here’s how!

Contrary to the common belief that concrete floors are indestructible and are particularly known for their extremely high load-bearing capacity: the fact is that concrete floors must be permanently well maintained in order to retain their positive properties long term.

What should good cleaning and care look like?

A distinction is made between concrete floors that are indoors and those that are outdoors. The cleaning also differs in this respect.

Concrete floors indoors

Basically, a short basic cleaning should be done weekly or every two weeks at the latest, in order to enjoy the appearance of the concrete floor for a long time. Necessary for cleaning is a normal broom, a floor mop and an everyday cleaning agent.

Before cleaning with the cleaning agent, the concrete floor must be cleaned from dust and coarse dirt. For this purpose, the broom is necessary, with which coarse dirt is simply swept off. A broom with soft bristles is suitable, so that it can also capture fine dust or sand grains.

The next step is to check whether there are larger stains on the concrete floor, as these can take longer to treat. In individual cases, special cleaning agents may therefore be necessary if the stains are particularly stubborn or have dried in. If the stains cannot be removed on their own, Concrete Floor Restoration can be used. This is a professional cleaning.

The concrete floor is then wiped with a damp floor mop. This removes all impurities and gives the floor a new shine. However, the cleaning agent should be as mild as possible, and no bleaching agents should be used so as not to damage the floor.

Concrete floors outdoors

Outdoor concrete floors do not require weekly cleaning and maintenance. Basic cleaning should be done once or twice a month, if possible, to prevent dirt and grime from becoming stubbornly embedded in the flooring.

Here, too, coarse dirt is removed from the concrete floor by means of a broom, so that cleaning can be carried out afterwards. Since stains in outdoor areas tend to adhere particularly strongly to the floor due to the weather, larger stains should be pre-treated with a special agent. Special cleaning agents are available in any well-stocked specialty store or hardware store.

The stains are soaked with the special cleaner and can then be washed off more easily.

In contrast to cleaning with a floor mop, a high-pressure cleaner should rather be used outdoors, as this facilitates cleaning. Concrete floors in outdoor areas also have a higher degree of soiling, which is why the high-pressure cleaner can significantly speed up cleaning. The cleaner should be applied with sufficient distance to avoid cracks in the flooring.

If you do not have a cleaning agent at hand, you can also use baking soda as an alternative.

Maintaining concrete floors

The floor covering can be sealed to provide lasting protection against coarse dirt. Special oils are available in specialized stores that prevent stains from settling in the flooring and make them easier to remove. Furthermore, a sealant also protects against scratches as well as cracks in the flooring.

Furthermore, concrete floors should be waxed regularly. Waxing a concrete floor helps to maintain its natural shine. This permanently creates a beautiful glossy look that automatically appears well-maintained.

The wax layer also has the advantage that the surface of the concrete floor lasts longer. This can prevent damage.

Stains such as wine, coffee or other liquids should ideally be wiped dry directly before they can soak into the flooring. This will prevent staining and further prevent the risk of accidents, as concrete floors tend to become slippery quickly, which can pose some danger.

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