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BSI Identify – Driving safety in the construction industry

BSI Identify is a unique, digital identification service that is designed to raise the bar for safety and compliance standards across the built environment by delivering highly accurate and easily accessible product information to customers and end users.

“BSI is proud to bring the identification technology to the built environment to drive good practice around traceability and safety. It should have a transformative effect on how product information is exchanged by providing a robust and persistent solution for product traceability and information accountability.” Dan Rossiter, Built Environment Sector Lead, BSI

After manufacturers sign up to BSI Identify, they are able to create a persistent, public landing page for each of their products and are issued with a BSI UPIN. UPINs are unique, traceable digital and physical link identifiers that can connect across digital and be applied to individual products.

Members of the supply chain can utilise UPINs within software tools benefitting from live connections to manufacturer-maintained product information or scan the UPIN on a physical product, in the same way you would scan a QR code with a smart device or mobile phone. They are connected to an online resource, that’s controlled by the manufacturer, which details accurate, up to date information on the product. End users can also benefit from the free public access via the UPIN’s smart linking to a wealth of information on the product it relates to.

Using BSI Identify will help put an end to the confusion of multiple identifiers and of missing or out of date information. It helps manage all the safety risks that come with ambiguity, unmanaged substitution, and incorrect application. As a user of BSI Identify, members of the supply chain can bring existing product information together, in one digitally connected record.

Rob Warren, Technical Consultant at Insulfix said: “Being part of BSI Identify gives us the peace of mind that our information will not go missing…We wanted our customers to be able to find all the information they need about our products at any time. And of course, that’s vital for everyone else involved in a project too.”

‘’It’s really important that people that use construction product information can trust the information in front of them. The sooner that we can get to the stage where every manufacturer uses BSI Identify the better. The sooner we can get to the stage that therefore every product on site has a QR code, and everyone involved in the selection, maintenance, checking of the product knows exactly what they’ve got in front of them the better. This has to be something for the whole industry.’’ Adam Turk, Chief Executive Officer, Siderise

Visit BSI Identify website to see how it can benefit all supply chain operators in the life cycle of a construction product.

About BSI

BSI is the business improvement and standards company that enables organizations to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence, ‘inspiring trust for a more resilient world’. For over a century BSI has driven best practice in organizations around the world. Working with over 77,500 clients across 195 countries, it is a truly global business with skills and experience across all sectors including automotive, aerospace, built environment, food and retail and healthcare. Through its expertise in Standards and Knowledge, Assurance Services, Regulatory Services and Consulting Services, BSI helps clients to improve their performance, grow sustainably, manage risk and ultimately become more resilient.

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