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Quick Guide for Buying LED Batten Lights

LED battens are one of the most popular lighting options today. They come in a single unit that has everything that is needed to light up your space within that housing. It is for this reason that installing the lights is so easy. The most challenging thing about these lights is making the right choice. Many options are available in the market, and one has to be sure they get exactly what they need.

There are different specifications that you ought to consider. This includes the IP65 rating, especially if you plan to do an outdoor installation. There are basic considerations that you have to consider before making a choice as well.


When shopping for the ideal batten lights, you ought to consider the following:

1. Size

LED battens come in different sizes, and there are different lengths that you should consider. Suppose you pick the 1ft option. It is best for use under cabinets in the kitchen or your wardrobes. These spaces are small.   

The larger batten options between 2ft and 6 ft are diverse and can be utilized in more areas. Be sure to pick a perfect length for your space and one that offers enough light distribution.

2. Light Output

The lighting options are available in different wattages., you can get 4-70 Watts, depending on your need. When making a replacement, don’t compare fluorescents with LED battens in light intensity. This is because LED options offer more light at low wattages. To understand the light output, compare the lumens instead.

3. Colour

LED batten lights can be bought in different color temperatures, just like fluorescent. This makes it so much easier to get the feel and look you want for your space once they have been installed. There is daylight, cool, warm white, and CCT. If you are lighting up a space where light clarity and intensity are needed, you need to pick an option that is bright enough.

4. IP ratings

If your workspace, basement, or garage has moisture and is not heated, you must go after resistance. The batten light you pick needs to be water-resistant. To do it right, consider Ingress Protection ratings, often called IP ratings. IP ratings have to be considered, too, with tasks involving dust.

Picking the best

Many factors have to be considered when picking the best lights. Thinking about it ensures you find a light matching your needs and space. Morris direct is the best. We have a collection of batten LEDs to choose from. In this way, finding what is needed is never a hard thing.

 At morros, we have high-quality options. Our twin packs have 2 lights, which means better value when you need more. The best thing is that you get a high-quality light and a warranty lasting 3 years. This is the standard, ensuring you have no worries when buying the LED batten.

Since batten LEDs are now popular for their energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, and durability, you should consider replacing your fluorescent. You will have lower bills in comparison. The other thing is the light quality you get at the end of the day. Because of their high quality, our batten lights dont flicker, and the light has a higher intensity at a lower wattage. This is how you save on energy bills.

Our battens don’t need much maintenance, and you will notice that they are very easy to install. Compared to traditional lighting options, the life expectancy of batten lights is much higher. The average life is about 30000 hours. Out batteries are stylish and slim and are made using safe materials. Pick the right light installation, and you will be in a position to liven up your space.