Easy Improvement Tips for Fixer-Upper Properties 

Fixer-uppers are properties that require homeowners to redesign, reconstruct, or repair a part or most of the structure. Although the place is livable, the homeowner will have to put in sweat equity to ensure that the place looks good. Upgrading a fixer-upper from its current state will also raise the property valuation and help the homemaker recoup their investment should they flip the house. 

Renovating a fixer-upper can be challenging as you have to plan everything properly. If you’re interested in doing everything yourself, you must be handy with tools and have enough experience gutting rooms and putting things back together. While you can do it on your own, you must at least hire a mini skip  to ensure that any waste is disposed of properly. Renovations and repairs will produce a lot of trash, and it’ll be convenient if you don’t have to worry about disposing of them yourself. A reputable skip-hire company will provide you with the right skip, collect them on a specified date, and take care of things for you.

Here are some easy fixer-upper improvement tips.

Replace the lighting

Take a good look at the lighting fixtures and wirings. Ensure that the circuit breakers and fuses will carry the electric load properly. If they aren’t enough, you can ask an electrician to take care of things for you. They can add and replace wires to ensure your property’s safety. Modernise the fixtures by adding droplights, pin lights, and other accents to replace outdated chandeliers or lamps.

Refresh with paint 

Typically, fixer-uppers need more than a fresh coat of paint to improve their kerb appeal. However, slapping on new paint will immediately brighten the space and transform the area quickly. A good paint job will cover any imperfections and improve the ambience. Choose vivid colours to make the rooms pop and invite positive energy.

Rip out old carpets and wallpaper

Nothing screams outdated than dingy, old carpets and tattered wallpapers. If you can install hardwood or laminate floors, they will be much better for aesthetics and valuation. Replace old wallpaper with new ones or eliminate them and paint the walls instead. These improvements will redefine the space and add enough of your personality. 

Change the floor plan

One of the best ways to improve a fixer-upper is to create an open floor plan. Creating a seamless area will make movement and access easier. Rip off the walls and other fixtures to create a free-flowing area without compromising the structural integrity.

Replace the windows and doors 

Another way to quickly improve the aesthetics and property value is to change the windows and doors, especially if they’re outmoded. Work with a contractor who can install better-secured windows and doors to ensure your property will be safe from burglars. Also, ensure that you have properly designed doors for the interior and exterior areas to be up to the code. 


Transforming a fixer-upper from drab to fabulous can be expensive because you’ll have to improve on many things. However, seeing the renovation results will be worthwhile, especially if you realise your plans properly. 

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