Tips to Create a Garden Gym Room in a Small Space

A gym membership is a great motivation to get fit and healthy. But the distance from your home to the gym can be a negative factor, as most of us are busy with our daily life.

In this case, a gym in your own house can be a great option. With a gym in your house, you can stay fit and healthy. Most of all, it will save your time.

Are you thinking of building your gym?

Garden Gym rooms are now getting increasingly popular. Garden gyms are the perfect solution for fitness enthusiasts. There are many reasons why you should consider Garden Gym:

  • First, you don’t have to pay hefty gym fees.
  • There will be no time wasted in traffic to go to your gym. And you will have no excuse to skip an exercise routine. The gym will be right at the corner of your garden.
  • You don’t have to wait for your turn to use gym equipment.

So in this blog, we will share some tips you need to consider before building Garden Gym rooms in a small space.

The size of the Garden Gym room:

Usually, a gym needs 5m x 4m space to have an array of equipment and space for warm up and warm down. But if you don’t have that much space, then a 3m x 3m space is enough to create a compact gym. Since your gym has less space, you have to limit the equipment for the gym.

The height of the building is another thing to consider. If your room’s height is 2.5m, you don’t need any planning permission. We suggest you go for a pitched roof. This will allow you to have more height without having any legal issues.

The flooring of the room

Flooring is the second most important thing you should be careful about. One best thing about a garden gym is that you can use it for many other purposes, like a garden office or children’s playroom. But the floor needs to be solid since it will have to bear heavy impacts; oak flooring can be a good choice.

You may need a different base depending on which gym equipment you are using. If you are using commercial-grade free weights, then rubber floor tiles must protect your gym floor.

Don’t forget about audio systems:

Remember to install audio systems in your gym after building your gym room. Since you have a compact area, wall-fitting speakers are needed for your gym. Try to build a soundproof Garden gym room to have a nice workout without any disturbance.

Weatherproof Garden gym room:

So if you are building a Garden Gym room, you must consider installing a cooling and heating system. Try a good quality wall insulator and double-gaged glass windows and doors.

While choosing a door, try to install bi-focal doors that allow you to open the entire side of your garden in summer. Also, think about installing one or two windows in your Garden Gym room. This will help in ventilation in hot summer.

Choose the correct gym equipment:

Space is always an issue when you are building a Garden Gym room. A gym full of equipment and no working space is of no use. Contact Garden room builders and take advice on which equipment will be appropriate for your garden room.


You can build your Garden Gym room in many ways, but it is always better to follow a guide. You can call a Garden room builder for a detailed idea. But always consider privacy and security when you are building a garden room. Try to use good-quality materials and multi-point locking systems.

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