Why LV Switchgear is Important in the Construction Industry

The importance of having an efficient electrical system installed is often overlooked by certain industries that would benefit from them, such as the construction sector. LV switchgear may be the perfect solution to allow users to effectively and safely control electrical power systems within a construction site. Find out why.

What is LV switchgear and why is it used?

The primary job of LV (Low Voltage) switchgear is to protect electrical systems and the people operating them. It is secured by a purpose-built steel housing and it is made up of copper conductors, circuit breakers, and isolators, all of which enable users to safely control and isolate electrical equipment when necessary.

Power is taken from the DNO (Distribution Network Operator) via an incoming transformer. Once it is fed into the switchboard, it is distributed to the required areas via cables or busbar systems.

The capability of LV Switchgear ensures that power is distributed safely in a building or structure and that it can be easily controlled. This controllability is extremely important in certain industries, such as construction, because if there is a fault with the electrical system, then this can be resolved safely and quickly. 

Low-voltage switchgear powers electrical devices that run on 1,000 volts or less. For any devices that operate on more than 1,000 volts, then HV (High Voltage) switchgear is required.

What are the benefits of LV switchgear in construction projects?

There are many aspects to consider for a construction business to thrive, not least the electrical systems in place to ensure the safety and reliability of power. For example, LV switchgear can play a major role in energy usage, helping construction businesses to cut back and reduce costs.

So, what are the other benefits of installing LV switchgear in a construction environment?

LV switchgear can help:

  • Protect equipment and devices from power surges. Any overvoltages, overloads, and overcurrents are insulated and isolated by an electrical circuit breaker.
  • Protect equipment and devices from short circuits. This electrical protection against thermal and mechanical damage caused by an unintended electrical connection helps to limit the harmful consequences for both the equipment and the user.
  • Ensure reliable and stable power supply to necessary systems within a large building or structure. For example, in industrial and commercial environments, LV switchgear enables power to be distributed effectively to support necessary devices, equipment, and systems, such as lighting, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), and emergency escape lighting.
  • Reduce the risk of electrical accidents and equipment damage due to malfunctioning within the system. If there is a fault, it can damage equipment or put users at risk, so the ability to quickly detect, isolate and clear faults is extremely important. The isolation process allows a part to be worked on safely after it is separated from the system.
  • Provide flexibility and scalability in the design of electrical systems, allowing for future expansions and modifications.
  • Contribute to the overall performance of appliances. If the excessive overload of currents is limited, then this reduces the stress put on appliances and assists with lengthening their lifespan.
  • Comply with safety standards and regulations in the construction industry. All equipment should be as safe as possible for users to operate, particularly where electricity is concerned, which means that there are many health and safety standards in place. LV switchgear enables construction businesses to meet these standards.

Is LV Switchgear energy efficient and sustainable?

Energy-efficient management is vital for any business, to not only reduce costs, but also their impact on the environment.

So, because low-voltage switchgear allows businesses to save energy, by way of enabling them to monitor power and manage loads, then maintaining consistent levels of energy consumption is made easy.

To conclude, there are many benefits to installing LV switchgear on a construction site, not least providing a safe environment for workers operating electrical equipment.

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