Is It Worth Investing in Commercial Solar Panels?

Protecting the environment and the potential cost savings on energy bills are just some factors that make installing commercial solar panels for businesses very appealing. However, before making the leap, there are crucial questions to ask before going solar. It will be worth knowing if commercial solar panels fit your business’s energy requirements and the viability of investing in a solar power system. For example, you will have a steady supply of the electricity your business needs. Moreover, you can use the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) to sell your excess solar power to the National Grid.

Planning permission

Usually, you do not need planning permission to install solar panels on a commercial building. But it is still important to check because local regulations change. Likewise, if planning permission is not required, you should know how to meet specific requirements and limits. For example, you need to know how far solar panels can jut out from the building’s roof or wall and the required distance from the edge of your roof or wall. You can check the requirements and limits on the government’s planning portal site. If you are not the building owner, you also need permission from the property owner or the building’s manager before installing commercial solar panels

Requirements for commercial solar panel installation 

The scope of work for commercial solar panel installation depends on the size of the building and other factors.

First, your need to ensure that the building will be able to support the weight of the panels. The contractor may also evaluate your energy usage and objectives for using renewable energy so that the contractor can develop the best plan. Afterwards, the contractor can produce the blueprints and proposals that will fit the specifications of your business needs and that of the commercial building.

Once you have approved the proposal, the contractor will proceed to construct the solar panels and install the system on the identified location, such as a roof or wall. The time it takes to construct and install the solar panels depends on the building size. If the commercial property is small, the process could take weeks. But for a larger building, it could take months. You should be prepared for a few disruptions to your business operations, such as temporary power outages.

Cost of commercial solar panels 

Given the right conditions, it is worth investing in commercial solar panels. However, it is difficult to answer how much the entire system will cost, including the cost of the panels, the contractor’s fees, and the value-added tax (VAT). Indeed, the initial investment could be sizeable, depending on the size of the panels, the kilowatt output your business or the building requires, and the contractor you hire. You might be overwhelmed by the initial cost, but consider the savings you will get and your investment paying for itself after a few years. 

If you meet all the requirements, it is worthwhile to invest in solar power because you can eventually save money on your organisation’s electricity bill. You avoid the stress of energy price increases, boost corporate social responsibility, and make your business more energy efficient.

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