How to Renovate Your Home for the Summer

Summer is in the air at last! With the warmer weather of spring finally making itself known across the country, many of us are looking ahead to the summer – and planning a refresh of our homes accordingly. The warm weather is a perfect excuse for a fresh start décor-wise, but how might you renovate?

Before you renovate, even a cursory de-cluttering of your home can make a real difference to the feeling of your living spaces. Clean and tidy rooms feel much fresher by default – and if de-cluttering wasn’t quite enough on its own, you’ve given yourself a great starting point from which to try out some of the following summer renovations.

Painting and Decorating

The simplest and most effective renovations are often achieved with little more than a fresh lick of paint. Sometimes, a new colour palette or design approach is all that is necessary to bring a sense of freshness to a home – particularly in the summer, when brighter colours and nature-inspired palettes can bring your indoors to life.

You might settle on a subtle palette of summery yellows and greens, to elevate your living spaces into bright and welcoming rooms. Alternatively, you might lean in to the notion of a feature wall, and incorporate some more complicated stencils or wallpaper graphics into your living space design. One wall could be a maximalist mess of leaf shapes or geometric patterns, giving structure to your room as well as a focal point of interest.

Extending Spaces

Extensions are major interventions, and not ones to be taken lightly. However, the impact that expanding your living space can have in the summer is profound, and especially so if that space is purpose-built to let in the light. A new conservatory living space could be the perfect hosting space for summer events, or the perfect lazing spot for a wetter day in our great British summer.

Planning extensions, even relatively basic ones such as conservatories, is significant undertaking – not in the least in terms of cost. The construction work necessary to do it well can command a high price; in many cases, securing a loan to cover the costs can be a shrewd way of funding major renovations without impacting your immediate budget. The result, though, is a beautiful, fresh, extended space perfect for entertaining.

Garden Renovations

Of course, the renovation most likely to be on your mind this summer is that of your garden. The warm weather makes being outside an irresistible thing, and paying attention to the shape and state of your outdoor spaces can make it all the more enjoyable to lounge in the sun.

Garden renovations might be as basic as a sprucing-up of your flower beds and lawn sidings, but a little extra thought into some decking or patio space can go a long way. You might also invest in some good outdoor furniture, whether a cast-iron bistro set or an outdoor sofa, to really maximise comfort outside.

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