Gold Walk In Shower Enclosure | Royal Bathrooms
Gold Walk In Shower Enclosure | Royal Bathrooms

The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Luxurious Bathroom with Walk-in Shower Gold Shower Screens

Are you looking to spruce up your bathroom, but aren’t sure which type of shower screen is right for a walk -in shower enclosure? Incorporating a gold shower screen may be the perfect solution. Not only does it offer a modern and elegant look but can be a great option for creating a contemporary bathroom. In this blog post, we’ll explore some key considerations when deciding if a gold shower screen for a walk -in shower is suitable for your next renovation project.

Advantages of Gold Shower Screens

There are following advantages of gold shower screens

?       Gives a touch of elegance and luxury. The obvious one! As we all know, gold is expensive, that is why the colour gold also feels luxurious. The colour of gold seems like a beauty. It adds a touch of elegance and lifts the design of your bathroom through it being visually pleasing. Found in a variety of sizes and designs, gold-coloured shower screen can be the wild factor, or it can just blend in with the surroundings, depending upon the look of your bathroom.

?       Illusion of space. Just like white, gold could also give its user the illusion of space by reflecting light from its surface which also makes the bathroom look bright and shiny. Naturally, it makes the bathroom more inviting and open. No suffocation is felt by anyone who uses it because of this unique characteristic. The bathroom appears quite large, the bathrooms with limited light make the best use out of it. For small bathrooms, it is an ideal choice because space is a feature in them.

?       Utility and durability. Gold might have an aesthetic edge over others but without performing its function it’s useless. But don’t worry because gold-coloured shower screens also perform their duty and fulfil their requirements. By having material that is durable, they are long-lasting. These materials are resistant to scratches and stains. Gold-coloured shower screens won’t need any replacing for a long time! They will also keep their beautiful looking surface intact for an extensive period, with only a little maintenance!

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?       Provides warmth. One of the benefits of gold-coloured shower screens or 1200 x 800mm shower enclosures is that they provide warmth and feel more inviting. Therefore, due to the gold colour, the bathroom feels more inviting than any other type of colour. Creating a warm, cosy and relaxing environment in your bathroom!

?       Versatility. Another good quality of them is that they are versatile. As it was mentioned earlier, there is a variety of sizes and designs available for any type of bathroom. They can suit a minimalistic looking bathroom as well as traditional looking ones. As there are many different shades, designs and sizes of gold-coloured shower screen, you can easily find one suitable for your bathroom.

?       Easy Maintenance. Low maintenance requires for gold-coloured shower screens. The materials used in manufacturing are easy to maintain. Just with a wipe of a cloth mixed with a little cleaning agent will make it new as ever.

Are There Any Drawbacks of a Gold Shower Screen

Thought gold shower screens are trendy and can create a perfect bathroom looks, there are a few drawbacks that you should keep in mind.


Gold-coloured shower screens are more expensive than other types of shower screens because of their many advantages and luxurious look. If you customizable one, the price could spike a lot. Another factor which increases the price is expensive materials used in the manufacturing! If you get one of a brand with a big reputation, the price could also get out of your budget.

May Not Be Suitable for Some Bathrooms

A drawback which is destined to affect many, gold-coloured shower screens might not be suitable for your bathroom look. It may look awkward or displeasing if the look of the bathroom doesn’t go hand in hand with it. It would be bold of you to install these without checking it with your bathroom interior and seeing if they go well together.

Things You Should Keep in Mind for Gold Shower Screen

You should know several things about gold-coloured shower screens if you are going to install them in your bathroom. Consider the following factors thoroughly.

?       Size and style. Without getting the right size and style of your bathroom, the gold-coloured shower screen won’t fit in your bathroom. Outright, the bathroom will look ugly. A large gold-coloured shower screen will make the bathroom suffocating while a sleek looking one will not be suitable for a bathroom with a traditional look.

?       Shades of Gold colour. There are many shades of gold that you could choose for your shower screen. The shade could be shiny or pale, choose the one according to your bathroom character.

?       Type Of Shower Screen. At last, think about the shower screen which will be the most advantageous for you. There are many types of shower screens including framed, frameless and also sliding. Having their own unique qualities, they also have their disadvantages.

?       High Quality Materials. If you have a big budget, then you should go for good quality materials which are strong and long-lasting. They are also easy to maintain and clean. Choose the one which will best suit the conditions of your bathroom and area.


In the end, a gold-coloured shower screen would be beneficial for you, but it depends on your budget, taste and style. They are not everyone’s cup of tea to install in their bathroom. If you decide to incorporate a gold-coloured shower screen, then you must make a list of the requirements that you want fulfilled, the material you want, and your budget.

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