Five Ways to Revamp a Small Kitchen

Wanting more from your small kitchen? We could all do with a little more space, but that isn’t always an option. Fear not, improvements can be made without building an extension or knocking a wall down.

Making the most of a small kitchen is possible with some creativity and clever thinking. If you’re low on budget, simply changing your colour scheme or lighting can make a big difference. With a little more to spend, changing the layout or fitting new units can transform it.

Below, we explore some of the best ways to optimise a small kitchen space.

Change the layout

The layout of your kitchen is key because it determines usable space and practicality. If the current arrangement is inconvenient, plan a layout that meets your needs. This could include installing new modern kitchen units or just reconfiguring the existing set-up.

Without the luxury of space, features like kitchen islands and peninsulas may not be viable. Instead, look to make work surfaces as accessible as possible by including more freestanding elements and making the most of vertical space.


Most kitchens just need a good old declutter to reveal hidden potential. As the centre of many homes, they often become burdened with possessions needed every now and again. See if you can reduce clutter by selling or donating unused items, or just storing them somewhere else in the house until you need them again.

Go around your kitchen and make a list of everything that you haven’t used in the last month or two. Consider whether you really need these items or if they can be shipped somewhere else to free some space up. If it’s all essential then you might need the next tip…

Optimise your storage

A kitchen lacking enough usable storage can quickly become overwhelming. There may be space that you forgot existed because it’s been hidden or obstructed for so long. Look to optimise your storage as well as you can to maximise functional space.

For small kitchens, swapping closed cabinets for open shelving does wonders in opening up the room. It creates more storage space, adds practicality and creates a charming feel. Make full use of open walls for hanging and shelving to free up worktops too.

New lighting and colours

One of the simplest improvements you can make to your kitchen is revamping the colour scheme and lighting. Lighter colours often make rooms feel more spacious, an easy yet effective hack without having to make any significant changes.

Poor lighting can make or break a kitchen design, so ensure that you have appropriate brightness levels and hues to compliment your fixtures and fittings.

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