What Does Construction Site Toilet Hire Cost?

Toilet hire for construction sites is essential as it keeps your workers comfortable and your site clean. It’s also a requirement to supply ‘suitable and sufficient’ welfare facilities if you have workers on-site.

What Does Site Toilet Hire Cost?

When considering portable toilet rental for construction sites, the cost depends on the requirements of the project. There are different types of toilets depending on size, stability, and cleaning conditions, all will have different weekly costs.

If you hire a portable toilet with Hi Gear, it’ll be around £25 per week per toilet – depending on your requirements. Site toilet hire is an essential cost that will keep your staff comfortable and will mean that you can build away from public toilets if needed.

How Are Site Toilet Hire Costs Calculated?

The toilets will often be hired out every week, with a minimum of a 2-week duration for a construction site portable toilet. When considering how much a temporary toilet will cost, there are a few things to keep in your mind.

Temporary Toilets Construction Sites Costs

  • Location – The further away your construction site is from the hire company, the more it will cost to hire due to transportation costs.
  • Number of Toilets – If you need multiple toilets, your costs will be higher, but you may be able to secure a discount for more toilets over a longer period.
  • Type of Toilet – Some toilets are considered a luxury as they have a nicer look and more space. These toilets will be more expensive to hire than the standard. Disabled toilets are likely to be more expensive too, purely based on transportation costs for the larger size.
  • Duration – The amount of time you hire your toilet will boost your costs, however, certain hire firms will cut you a deal if you hire for longer.

Why Hire Portable Toilets for Construction Sites?

There are lots of great reasons to rent portable toilets for your construction site.

  • Convenience – Your workers will find their jobs more comfortable and enjoyable if they have the convenience of on-site toilets.
  • Productivity – If your employees don’t need to leave the site to go to the toilet, they’ll be much more productive.
  • Respect Clients – Your portable toilets will ensure a clean and tidy site for your clients and any visitors that your site has while you’re working.
  • OSHA Standards – Health and safety regulations dictate that you need to have a toilet on site for workers. This will ensure you pass all audits and inspections.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Portable toilets are designed with the environment in mind as they use less water and less harmful cleaning products.

Portable Toilet Hire with Hi-Gear

When considering portable toilet rental for construction sites, look no further than Hi-Gear. We provide high-quality toilets at reasonable prices and our service team is happy to discuss maintenance for longer-term rentals too. For more information regarding your site hire needs or to request an accurate quote, call us on 0116 254 3999 or visit our contact page to fill in an enquiry form.

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