Should you Choose Crane Hire Instead of Purchasing?

The crane rental industry appears to know no bounds, with billions in revenue and constantly growing. Many types of construction projects can benefit from crane rental. The crane you choose for your specific needs can vary in many aspects such as size and capacity, and you also have a lot of different companies you can deal with.

But should you hire a crane or buy one?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the benefits of crane hire in Birmingham, and why it is better than purchasing a crane.

Guidelines for Crane Rental

Cranes are useful in many types of commercial construction projects, so you will likely require one on a constant basis even if not on every single project you take on.

If you suddenly realize you’re going to need a crane for your construction project, you probably find yourself considering the pros and cons of crane hire as opposed to buying one.

While it might seem like a brilliant idea to go for an outright purchase when you first think about it, it is important to take into consideration why professional crane rental is a better choice.

  • The Right Tool for Your Project

Buying a crane makes you stick to that one crane for every future construction job that requires one. This means that you might find yourself in many situations where your crane is either too big or powerful or too small or not powerful enough. With crane hire, you can always choose from a wide selection to ensure you have the right tool for your project.

  • Well-Maintained Equipment

Heavy lifting machinery such as canes require constant maintenance to ensure they work properly and avoid dangerous situations. Even when not in use, cranes have to be maintained so that they are in proper working order once they are needed. The professionals at the crane rental company you choose should provide you with a crane that has been properly serviced and tested, saving you the time and hassles of doing so.

  • Storage Space

If you decide to buy your own crane, you are going to need storage space for it at all times. When you hire a crane, worrying about where you keep it and the associated costs is not an issue. Once you are done with the crane, the rental company simply takes it back and you don’t have to think twice about storage. Plus, you also avoid the need for security to keep your crane safe when not being used.

  • Equipment Failure Coverage

A high-quality crane can cost a small fortune, not to mention the cost of proper maintenance. While it is under warranty, the manufacturer should handle all or most equipment failure, but it falls on your shoulders after that initial period. When you hire a crane, on the other hand, any equipment failure will be promptly dealt with by the rental company.

How to Choose a Crane Hire Company

Once you realize how many benefits come with crane hire as opposed to buying one that you will be stuck with on every project, you will gladly turn to a crane rental company for help. But how do you choose the right company for your specific needs?

Here are a few things you should consider.

Licensing and Insurance

Although easy to overlook, it is important to make sure the crane hire company you decide to deal with is legitimate. Ask about their licensing and insurance status even before you take a look at their cranes.

Crane hiring services have to comply with rigorous standards and regulations to be properly licensed and ensure safety. Working with a company that values professionalism and has proper insurance also guarantees that any liability does not fall on your shoulders if an unfortunate accident occurs.

Company Experience

Crane rental companies are handling heavy equipment that could possibly be dangerous in the wrong hands, so they need to know what they are doing. You have to be sure you are dealing with experienced professionals.

Ask about the company’s experience and past projects.

Hiring Terms and Costs

Click here to see how hiring a crane for your construction project can be a considerable expense. Still, this should not make you go beyond your budget. The crane hire terms should also be reasonable to avoid any issues.

Make sure that the hiring terms and exact cost of crane hire are properly mentioned in the agreement before signing it.

Easy Crane Hire

Hiring a crane for small or big construction jobs does not have to be an incredible challenge. By renting the right crane for your specific project, you increase your chances of achieving your goals while staying within budget and avoiding unnecessary hassles.

We hope you will take our crane hiring tips into account to make the whole process as easy as possible!

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