Do Online Inductions Save Construction Companies Time and Money?

In an industry like the construction industry, which relies heavily on excellent time management and efficient use of finances, savings in both departments need to be made where they can if projects are to be completed on time and under budget.

While in-person inductions appear to be a useful tool at first glance, on closer inspection, they could be costing construction companies time and money where it could be saved through the use of modern technology.

Online inductions are a way to do this, preventing the need for new recruits to undergo an induction process on-site on their first day.

What are online inductions?

Online inductions are exactly what they sound like – taking everything involved in a traditional induction process (the completing of important paperwork, viewing safety and educational materials, assessments etc.) and hosting it on an easy-to-access online platform.

New recruits log onto the platform, fill out the necessary information and take any outstanding assessments, before completing the process, at which time everything they have provided or completed is sent to the relevant individual within the company for review.

The ways online inductions save construction companies time and money

New recruits can get to work straight away

The desire to save time and money doesn’t change the fact that time is money.

With in-person site inductions that happen on the first day, the time taken to complete the induction from all parties is already eating into the time those employees could spend being productive and moving the project forward.

Yes, the induction process is very important. But if there was a way to complete this process without unnecessarily costing other employees’ time it would work out better from both a time and financial standpoint for the company.

That’s what online inductions provide. With online inductions, the new starter can learn everything they need to learn about the site, including all essential safety standards, and turn up to work fully prepared with not a single second of productivity wasted.

More senior workers don’t need to sit through an induction process

Everyone on a construction site from the top down is there to fill a position that is essential to the success of the project. This is why it can be tiresome and inconvenient when certain workers need to take time out of their busy schedules to help a new starter complete the induction process.

Depending on the preferences of the company, in-person inductions may also require the attendance of a more senior member of staff, like a Safety Manager or even the Site Manager, while both of these individuals’ time may be better spent on more pressing matters.

However, with online inductions, this isn’t necessary. Instead, any notes, comments or documents that are relevant to these more senior members of staff can be uploaded then viewed and acknowledged by the new starter well before they arrive, allowing these individuals to attend to their important tasks without the need to undergo a lengthy induction process on site.

Unfit workers can be avoided ahead of time

Deaths on construction sites in the UK have spiked by over 50% in the year 2022/23, compared to the previous twelve months, according to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, which is why it could be considered more important than ever to have only fully-qualified and vetter workers on site.

If in-person induction processes are less formal and are lacking in specific checks, there is every possibility someone unqualified could slip through the cracks in the hopes of securing a wage and could go on to unwittingly cause a fatal accident.

With online inductions, this wouldn’t happen. Along with requesting copies of relevant qualification certificates, companies can request new starters to complete assessments to ensure they have the correct knowledge to perform their job safely for their own sake and the sake of their colleagues.

Not only does this offer greater peace of mind for construction companies, but it also greatly reduces the risk of a serious accident occurring on-site because only qualified individuals with the correct safety training and knowledge will ever be allowed through the door. In turn, by lowering this risk, companies can save money on administrative and potential legal costs that would be incurred in the event of an accident.

Opt for online inductions on construction sites to improve productivity, ensure site safety and save money

By replacing in-person inductions with online inductions, construction companies can enjoy all of the above benefits and help push towards a more productive, time-efficient and cost-effective way of working. This is especially helpful for companies making large hires, who would need to set aside considerable time and manpower to facilitate large-scale in-person inductions while online inductions can accomplish the same end results without the extra hassle.

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