Here are the kitchen layouts about to become popular in 2024

Whether you just bought a new house or want to renovate the kitchen in the old one, the first and most crucial step is to review kitchen layouts and decide which one is optimal for your space. 

When you pick a kitchen layout, you must ensure it provides your space with maximum functionality and efficiency. Keep in mind that your kitchen is more than the space where you cook; it’s the room where most home activity takes place, where you socialise and take great pride in. 

Each kitchen is unique, and when you choose a layout, you must follow a series of constraints and configurations that impact your renovation. As you want to build a trendy cooking space, you should find out what layouts are expected to gain more popularity in the year to come. 

Island kitchen layout

Island kitchen layouts have always been homeowners’ favourites, and they are expected to remain popular in the years to come. However, this design fits only spacious kitchens because it takes a lot of space. You want to ensure the kitchen won’t look too crowded and you can freely move around the room. A well-designed kitchen incorporating an island should be a minimum of 16m. In case you don’t have enough space to install an island, you can opt for a bench that makes food preparation and socialising easier. 

Depending on the available space, you can even opt for a built-in sink or hotplate. This way, you transform the entire room into a cooking hub. 

Galley kitchen layout

The homeowners who must renovate narrow kitchens will love this layout because it enhances room efficiency. It requires placing two workstations on opposing walls to leave a walkway in the centre. The average galley kitchen arranges the appliances on one wall and the countertops on the other to open up the room on both ends. 

A galley kitchen enables homeowners to limit the wasted space with corner cupboards and maximise the efficiency of the space. The stove, dishwasher, and sink are usually placed on the same wall. For this design to work best, the room must allow the creation of a galley of at least four feet in the middle. Ensure the kitchen units accommodate the appliances so they don’t block the walkway.        

One-wall kitchen layout

This is a very practical configuration for a small room, and you’ll most likely prefer it if you live in a condo. You install all the furniture and appliances on one wall to create an efficient design that serves your daily needs. When you install the appliances, ensure the refrigerator is further away from the sink to prevent its doors from opening above it. It would help if you positioned the appliances in such a way they don’t create a disturbance in the workflow

The one-wall kitchen will work greatly if you want to achieve an airy look. You get everything you need on a single wall and obtain a practical space where you can cook and entertain guests. 

U-shaped kitchen layout

Its name tells you how you’ll configure the room. You install the cabinets and appliances along three separate walls to create a U-shape with an open end. This design is ideal for big rooms that accommodate extensive families. This layout provides plenty of kitchen storage and counter space, so you can easily prep food for your family and stock on supplies. It’s also easy to create this design because it focuses on creating a functional work triangle. 

This configuration is the most versatile of them all, as it can also work for small spaces. You get enough storage to put all your supplies because the furniture is spread around three walls. You can also take advantage of this layout to create two distinct areas in the kitchen to serve you as a cooking space and dining area. 

You can maximise the corners of the U-shaped kitchen with some pull-out cabinets that provide you with extra storage space. 

L-shaped kitchen layout

The L-shaped configuration is the perfect choice for a medium to large kitchen because it allows you to integrate a dining table into the design. The trick to make this design as effective as possible is to install the tall appliance units (oven, fridge, and pantry) on a wall and use the other side to integrate the sink and create a cooktop. 

L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens are very similar in features, except they are arranged differently. The L-shaped configuration lacks a wall, so you need to figure out how to install everything on two walls. It also enables you to create an efficient work triangle and build a workstation that serves your needs. 

Peninsula kitchen layout

We mentioned earlier that the island kitchen layout is one of the most popular designs available on the market, so unsurprisingly, the peninsula layout is also one of homeowners’ favourites. Similarly, this layout features a cooktop addition to the island kitchen, but instead of installing it in the middle of the kitchen, you attach it to one wall. You’ll achieve a U-shaped layout, but it’s different from the traditional configuration because the third side is partly open, and you can access it from different sides. This design is usually standard for open spaces connecting the kitchen and living room. 

The peninsula layout is practical for small kitchens that need extensive seating, storage, and workspace to accommodate large groups. You get access to an island, but it occupies less floor area than the traditional solution. 

Final words

Each of the above trends is expected to get popular in 2024. Depending on your available space, you must decide which one is more beneficial for your house. Selecting the proper configuration for the kitchen is a paramount step in the renovation process because it can make or break the room design. At the end of the day, you want a functional space that meets your individual needs. You can even experiment and combine features from the above layouts to serve your needs better. 

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