Choosing the Right Curtain Wall System for Your Project

At Crucial Engineering we pride ourselves on being aluminium curtain walling system experts. We know what a transformation this modern, sleek solution can provide to businesses of all kinds, and we want to help our readers – whether they be customers or not – to make an informed decision when buying a curtain wall system.

With that in mind we’ve put together this guide to choosing the right curtain wall system for your project. We’ll tell you what to look out for to find a system that fits your needs and brings your building to life.

So if you want to move beyond the limited standard sizes and explore a bespoke curtain wall system, read on. We’ll help you to best take advantage of this strong, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing solution.

What to Consider When Choosing a Curtain Wall System

Arriving at a curtain wall system vision that aligns with your needs is a complex process, but following the steps below will help you to reach a decision that complies with regulations, fits within your budget, and brings your space to life.

What Are the Requirements of Your Project?

Every project is unique, and establishing your specific requirements at the outset ensures an end result that aligns with your needs. Do this first so you can consider all other factors within the boundaries of what your business needs.

What is Your Budget?

Defining your budget at the outset is crucial, too, as it ensures the project remains within workable parameters throughout. It’s also useful in guiding your research, by helping you to only research and consider options that fall within your budget.

When planning your budget, make sure to take into account ongoing costs associated with maintenance as well as initial installation costs. As well as cleaning, curtain wall systems require periodic inspection and structural assessment and, where necessary, maintenance to components and coating.

What Regulations Do You Need to Adhere to?

With structural design elements like curtain wall systems, there are a range of regulations you must adhere to in order for work to go ahead. While the contractor should be able to advise on these and ensure work is carried out within their purview, it’s always worth being up to speed yourself, too.

With a curtain wall system you’ll need to consider:

  • Building regulations: a legal framework that ensures UK buildings are safe and fit for purpose
  • Energy regulations: buildings in the UK are required to have environmental credentials that adhere to the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2012
  • Fire safety regulations: structural components are subject to restrictions in terms of materials that can be used

Does the Location Bring Any Requirements?

The location of the building needing a curtain wall system brings its own considerations, too. While some of these may not be relevant in the UK – things like being able to withstand seismic activity, for example – others will play a role.

Again, a curtain walling supplier  such as ourselves  will be able to offer advice on the suitability of materials and components here. But while you research options, keep in mind factors that may be made relevant by your location (thermal requirements in cold climates, for instance, or the ability to withstand strong winds in coastal environments).

What is the Architectural Vision?

One of the main benefits of a curtain wall system is the aesthetic appeal: these sleek, modern facades allow natural light to flow into a building, providing an eye-catching contrast to other, more drab alternatives. If you’ve decided to go for this option it’s likely that aesthetics are a factor, and ensuring the aesthetic is aligned with the overall architectural vision will lead to a more cohesive visual experience.

Working with your architect to choose a curtain wall system is one way of ensuring their vision is realised; you can also work with a contractor or a third-party architect to ensure consistency when adding a new system to an existing building.

Who’s Going to Install It?

With all of the above considerations taken into account you should have a fairly good idea of what your curtain wall system will look like, and the features it will have to ensure compliance to your needs and any relevant regulations. The next step is to decide who will install it.

At this stage you want to be sure you find someone who can bring your tailored vision to life, within budget, and to your specifications. And this is easier said than done! Reviewing potential contractors, comparing their credentials, and establishing which is the best fit may take a while, so be sure to factor this time into the process.

We recommend comparing quotes from different candidates and cross-referencing these with each company’s case studies, awards, and testimonials. We also recommend liaising with companies during the process, and seeing which one(s) you have good rapport with.

Choose Crucial Engineering for your Curtain Wall System Needs

We’ve installed curtain wall systems for all sorts of businesses, from fellow local family-run establishments to global brands like KFC. We pride ourselves on hard work and high standards, and we’ll be more than happy to help you bring your curtain wall system vision to life.

And, most importantly, we’re a small, family-run business. As a result we endeavour to make sure all of our customers know exactly what to expect at the outset of each project . If this sounds good and you’d like to find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today. Our friendly team of experts will be happy to help.

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