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Ways to Save Money on a Home Renovation

Renovations can be extremely costly, so it’s no wonder homeowners want to get the most for their money without overspending unnecessarily.

As always, you’ll need to check whether you should apply for planning permission and consider how certain changes can benefit you in the long term. This might include energy-efficiency adaptions or consideration for whether certain changes will improve the value of your property.

Create a budget and stick to it

A budget can be great to work out where your priorities lie within a renovation. It can help you get an idea of what you want from your money, which is an important thing to establish in the early stages. It will help you be more rigorous when gathering quotes, for example.

Build a good credit history

If you have a good credit history, this means you could be entitled to loans that could help you fund expensive parts of the renovation. This can be done even if you have no credit history with the right products. You can use credit-building credit cards or track your consistent, timely rent payments to showcase your responsibility when it comes to handling finances.

Repurpose materials and upcycle

Whether you’ve pulled up a rug and plan to use it as insulation in the garage or you’re reusing fixtures and fittings, there’s scope for you to reuse almost anything if you put your mind to it. Remember, you can also upcycle items with a lick of paint, with vanish or through other methods, which will save you money compared to buying brand-new replacements.

Sell items you no longer need

Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you’ve removed items that you no longer want, but they’re still in good condition, it could be worth selling items and materials to others. Second-hand selling platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree can be great for this.

Choose reputable contractors

Just as you would shop around before buying a new car or a new house, it’s important to give this level of dedication to finding the right contractors for the job. Ideally, you can use recommendations from a friend based on reliability, skill and cost. Part of this process of shopping around includes providing a clear brief to ensure quotes are as accurate as possible.

DIY where possible

To completely mitigate labour costs for certain tasks, why not take the deed into your own hands? It goes without saying that you should feel comfortable with the task at hand and leave any intensive work to the professionals. But if you’re confident with decorating or tiling, these are perfectly doable with the right equipment.

Do you have any additional tips for reducing the cost of a renovation?