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Incorporating Wood Flooring Into Modern Interior Design

Wood flooring has become the talk of the town and wide plank hardwood floors are stealing the limelight in 2024. There is no doubt that people are ordering wood flooring due to its classic appeal and durability. Plus, now they are working on multiple ideas to blend the wooden surface into modern interior design present in their houses or workplaces.  

Allow the blog to enlighten you more on the type of wood flooring in London you can opt for and the various ideas you can try to elevate either a few or all the rooms of your property.  

The Glamour Of Wooden Flooring  

Are your eyes automatically drawn to the warmth and natural beauty of wooden flooring indoors and outdoors? You are left speechless when you see the variety of designs, colours, and patterns the flooring has to offer. Enticing you more to fill your spaces with the flooring. The accessory escalates the look and ambiance of the zone you are sitting in.  

However, before being truly smitten by the glamour of wooden flooring, you should still be aware of the correct type of flooring that can easily align with your interior design. There are options such as solid hardwood and laminate, but which one should enter your living environment?  

Engineered Hardwood Is Your Answer 

Engineered hardwood flooring offers a sophisticated blend of natural beauty and modern innovation. Crafted from layers of real wood veneer atop a sturdy plywood core, it provides the timeless elegance of hardwood with enhanced durability and stability. Engineered planks are designed to withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity, making them ideal for a variety of environments, including kitchens and basements. With a diverse range of wood species, finishes, and styles available, engineered hardwood flooring offers versatility to suit any aesthetic preference or design scheme. Its ease of installation, maintenance, and longevity make it a popular choice for homeowners seeking the allure of hardwood without compromising on practicality. Whether adding warmth to a cozy living space or elevating the ambiance of a contemporary interior, engineered hardwood flooring seamlessly combines classic charm with modern functionality. 

How To Incorporate Wood Flooring Into Interior Design?  

Now comes the main part of the entire blog, how to incorporate wood flooring into interior design. We have compiled a few ideas for you to tackle it easily. They are as follows:  

Selecting A Colour Palette 

Selecting a colour palette can be tricky especially when you are picky about colours. You will want to make sure that everything matches the theme of the specific room you are placing your flooring in. There is a way to figure out and clear the confusion. The solution is to look at the shade of the undertone of the wooden surface. It happens that subtle shades of brown, yellow, red, orange, or grey are observed within the wood flooring. Once you spot the underlying hue then remember the concept of the colour wheel to choose colours that complement your wood surface. Example: Shades of blue mediate wood with orange and yellow tones. Plus, green stands out with a brown tone.  

Use A Variety Of Materials For Accessories And Furniture 

Avoid filling the spaces with everything made out of wood. Like walls, furniture, lights, and floor too. It becomes too heavy to look at and thoughts cross your mind to balance before any outsider points it out that the room is overloaded with wood. Balance is necessary. Therefore, use a variety of materials for accessories and furniture. Do you know that wood pairs nicely with ample other textures like leather, woven fabrics, metal, concrete, and painted surfaces, which can be introduced through wall decoration, accent furniture, and upholstered seating? Layer the wood accents with minor details like picture frames or on the legs of the furniture to complete the look of the room.  

Run The Wood Flooring Across The Rooms  

Some owners restrict the wooden floors to the ends of the rooms and that seems as if something is missing. Therefore, a good idea is to run the wood flooring across the rooms to finish the gaps in between. Ask the company to install wooden planks across the rooms to eliminate those senseless dividers in between. See how the consistent surfacing increases the attraction of your home. Another good part is that it provides you with easy cleaning.  

Place Rugs To Soften The Wooden Texture  

Wooden flooring is not as soft as rugs and carpets but not even as hard as tiles. How about you make walking convenient for you and others by placing rugs to soften the wood flooring? Sounds better? If you add layers of rugs in open spaces and sofas that too facilitates redefining the areas.  

Highlight Wooden Floors 

In modern interior designs, wooden floors are accommodated perfectly well. If the floor is in the kitchen then they automatically release the warmth vibes in the house’s favourite corner. Or else they usually have hard surfaces. Apart from that, wooden floors share a good bond with the cabinets, cutlery, and crockery, adding life to the space that was in dire need of embracing clean lines.  


Wood flooring can elevate any corner and it enhances the overall look of the areas drawing people towards its aesthetic and wide range of designs. Next time you go for a wooden floor selection, opt for hardwood for the best results and durability.