Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels: The Importance and Methods

Solar panels are significant products that help you create electric energy from the natural sunlight. So, they are usually installed on the roofs of buildings. Their location makes it possible to receive direct sunlight. However, it also puts the solar panels at risk. For instance, birds like pigeons can easily find their way on the solar panels, causing significant damage. However, you can take some measures to make sure all these risks are mitigated. One of these measures is pigeon proofing.

What is the importance of pigeon proofing solar panels?

Bird proofing solar panels is important for preventing damages and making sure that the solar panels work efficiently at all times. Let us have a closer look at the specific benefits of pigeon proofing solar panels:

Protecting the solar panels from damage

One of the most significant benefits of pigeon proofing your solar panels is damage prevention. When pigeons rest on solar panels, they can cause significant damages. These little creatures are known to cause scratches on the surface of the solar panels. While these scratches are only superficial, they can cause to severe degradation of the panels in the long run. For instance, the scratches can damage the protective coatings and glass on the solar panels, which eventually affects the structural integrity of the solar panel.

Furthermore, pigeons can leave behind droppings on the solar panels. These droppings do not only cause a mess. Pigeon droppings contain corrosive substances that can damage the protective layer of the panels, which affects the integrity of the panels.

Preventing efficiency and performance loss

The damages caused by the pigeons on the solar panel can affect the panel’s functionality. For instance, when the corrosion caused by the pigeon droppings can corrupt the integrity of the panels, which will eventually affect their effectiveness. Additionally, pigeons nesting on the solar panels can negatively impact their performance. While the pigeons are nesting on the solar panels, they create a shade and block sunlight from reaching the photovoltaic cells. So, the amount of electricity that is generated by the solar panels is reduced. Furthermore, the nesting material brought by the pigeons on the solar panel like twigs, feather, and debris, can result in overheating. When the excess heat builds up on the panels, it results in reduced efficiency and may even become a fire hazard. So, pigeon proofing can keep the pigeons away from your solar panels, preventing all the above issues.

Increasing the lifespan of the solar panels

Solar panels are not cheap products to acquire. So, they are an investment and have to be protected as any other investment. One of the ways you can use to protect your solar panels is by pigeon proofing them. Pigeon proofing them makes sure that the panels do not suffer corrosion and integrity damage. This eventually extends their lifespan. An extended lifespan means that you will be able to maximize on the return on the solar panel investment. Maintaining the efficiency and performance of the solar panels is also a way of improving their lifespan.

Methods of pigeon proofing your solar panels

The best way to protect your solar panels from the harm caused by pigeons is to keep the pigeons from reaching the solar panels. There are many ways you can achieve this. However, it would be wise to choose a method that is animal-friendly. This way, the pigeons can stay safe just as your solar panels. Some of the most animal-friendly methods of pigeon proofing your solar panels are:

Pitched roofs – They are specifically installed to make it hard for pigeons to land and nest on the rooms. Pitched roofs are harmless. However, they are very effective for deterring the birds from nesting on the panels.

Flat roofs – Installing flat rooms laying in a slopping angle can keep the birds away. This is also an animal-friendly method.

Floating and field systems – these systems are a secure and safe way of keeping the pigeons away also.

Bird spikes – spikes are installed strategically on the edges and corners of the solar panels, making it hard for the birds to nest or even land on them.

Netting and meshing – installing a net or metal mesh to cover the solar panels can also help. The mesh will prevent the pigeons from getting to the solar panels or building their nest on them without blocking the sun from reaching the panels.

Predator statues – this is an unconventional method of scaring the birds from the solar panels.


Pigeon proofing solar panels UK is especially important because pigeons are very common in this part of the world. However, you do not have to suffer the consequences of these birds creating a home on your solar panels. You can take advantage of any of the above methods to keep these birds away from your solar panels.

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