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7 Tips to Add Visual Interest to Every Corner of Your Home

Corners are an often neglected area in most living spaces. However, revisiting your home’s many corners can be a smart way to completely transform the mood and functionality of different rooms. 

Bound by two walls, corners provide a cozy, intimate backdrop fit for activities like reading, having breakfast, or listening to music. They also have great potential as display areas, with the converging walls helping frame and bring added emphasis to artworks with their less predictable light reflection and diffusion characteristics.

Doing up even just one corner can make a huge difference in how a room looks. For a successful makeover that doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your living space, follow these simple tips:

Decorate the Corner that Gets the Most Natural Lighting

Positioning large artworks like paintings and typographic posters near sunlit corners can be a sure way to liven up otherwise-drab rooms. The main drawback of this approach is that constant UV light reaching that area can eventually fade the pigments on art pieces. Fortunately, you can order pre-framed contemporary art prints with UV-blocking acrylic glazes that should keep artworks looking vibrant for years.

Decorate One Corner at a Time

As mentioned, decorating even just one corner of a room can already transform how it looks. Focussing on just one corner at a time can help you get a more cohesive result and you’ll often get away with leaving the other corners empty. Doing everything up all at once can make your whole space look cluttered, which is something you might want to avoid.

Use Mirrors to Open Up Corners

A mirror in the corner is a surefire way to make your room much larger than it is. Apart from creating a more immediate illusion of expansiveness, placing a mirror in a corner will also reflect and scatter ambient lighting into the entire space more effectively, brightening it up and making it appear subtly larger. 

When playing with mirrors as corner pieces, stand mirrors are probably the most popular option. You can also try wall-mounted mirrors or custom-shaped furniture pieces that fit neatly into the space. You can also consider mounting a few wall art pieces off towards one side of the mirror to create additional interest in the corner.

Be Careful When Choosing Corner Furniture

If you live in a small home, you have to be especially conscious about the floor space. The problem is that a lot of popular pieces like round tables may look nice in corners but end up taking too much floor space in smaller flats. 

To avoid this problem, always measure corner pieces multiple times before buying them. For a more cohesive look, try to make sure the pieces you choose match existing wall art that you’ve already placed in the corner.

Look into Statement Lighting Fixtures

Corners are a natural spot to put lamps in, thanks to the way that they reflect light into the rest of the room. Adding overhead mood lights here can dramatically change the way a room looks. Thankfully, with today’s LED smart bulbs, you can adjust the lighting temperature to dial in the mood you want. If you have unique art prints or typographic posters hanging at the corner, add a couple of small ceiling lights to further emphasise your display.

Create Lushness with Plants

Potted plants are a classic way to literally bring life to empty corners and make otherwise dull decor and wall art seem alive. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different arrangements to create a lush and inviting nook within your living space.

It’s very difficult to go wrong with plants, but you do want to make sure that they’re a species that you can easily maintain. Be mindful of the lighting conditions so your plants can thrive. If you’re not blessed with a green thumb, you can instead choose realistic fake plants to do the job. Just don’t forget to dust them every so often.

Fill it Up With an Accent Chair

You can completely set the tone of a room by placing an accent chair in the corner. The fun part is that you can strongly reinforce the vibe created by your wall art and other decor simply by choosing a chair with a stylistically similar design. The real-world presence of a three-dimensional chair in the corner can make nearby two-dimensional artworks seem more present in the room. If you are planning on turning the corner into a reading nook, though, make sure that the chair you pick is as comfy as it is stylish.

Don’t Put Your Creativity in a Corner

Unless you live in a dome, chances are you live in a place with at least a few corners. Most people will probably leave some of their corners alone just to play things safe, because these awkward areas can require a bit more effort to decorate. If you love experimenting and want to flex your creative muscles, however, you can transform these forgotten regions of your home into visually stimulating areas that help break the boxy monotony of typical living spaces.