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Wondered How Eco4 Scheme Transforms Your Carbon Footprint?

Imagine your carbon footprint is like a shadow you leave behind. Every time you do something that uses energy, like riding a bus, playing video games, or even eating a snack, it creates a bit of CO2. It is in fact like a tiny puff of smoke. All those puffs together make up your carbon footprint. So, the bigger the shadow, the more CO2 you’re releasing. Click here; https://berksinsulation.com/ 

But why does CO2 matter? Think of the Earth like a giant greenhouse. CO2 acts like a blanket that traps heat, making the planet warmer. A little bit is okay, like having a cosy blanket on a cold night. But too much CO2 is like having a super-thick blanket on a hot day – it gets too warm and uncomfortable. That’s what’s in fact happening to the Earth right now. It’s causing problems like melting ice caps and rising sea levels.

What’s ECO4 Scheme and how does it work?

ECo4 scheme is the project of reducing carbon dioxide. The government through this scheme is helping people save energy and money on their heating and cooling costs. Moreover, the initiative specifically targets low-income families. These families live in fuel poverty and are unable to pay their bills. 

Now, all big energy companies working in the UK are part of an eco plan. The government has tasked them to provide heating system upgrades to needy people. So, for this purpose, these companies provide boiler replacement, air-source heat pumps, solar panels and insulation, etc.

Below, we will discuss some of the key components of the eco4 scheme.

You can replace old in-efficient Boilers

No doubt, non-condensing boilers burn fuel like gas or oil to create heat. But they only use part of that energy to warm your home. The rest escapes through the chimney as hot steam and water vapour. Moreover, it creates more CO2, which is like adding smoke to the Earth’s already warming atmosphere. So to stop this, you need to replace your boiler. This scheme can help you to do so if you qualify.

Air Source Heat Pumps… More Helpful to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Under eco4 scheme, you may also qualify for an air-source heat pump. This soaks up the sun’s energy and turns it into electricity for your home. It’s like having a personal mini-power plant powered by sunshine!

But how does this help your carbon footprint? Well, remember the leaky faucet of an old boiler? Traditional energy sources, like gas or oil, are like that. They burn fuel, releasing CO2 into the air and making your carbon footprint grow bigger. Consequently, the government offers these pumps as part of eco plan.

Solar Panels: Your Shortcut to a Greener Footprint

Another interesting character os eco4 project is that it provides solar panels. These pumps use clean, renewable energy from the sun, so no CO2 is released. It’s like turning off a smoke machine that was polluting your house! Without reservation, every watt of electricity you get from solar panels is one watt. And this you’re not taking from the grid. Obviously, it means less fuel burned at power plants and less CO2 released. Unlike traditional sources that create exhaust and pollution, solar panels are clean and quiet. They don’t contribute to smog or air quality problems. What’s more, they make your home and the planet a healthier place.

Indeed, fossil fuels are running out, but the sun will be shining for billions of years! By using solar power, you’re investing in a sustainable future for the coming generations. It’s like planting a seed for a greener tomorrow!

Who qualifies for ECO4 Free Boiler Grant? 

Essentially, households with low income and individuals receiving benefits are eligible. The grant may be available to the following recipients of benefits:

Income-based Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)Income related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)
Income Support (IS)Pension Credit Guarantee Credit Working Tax Credit (WTC)
Child Tax Credits (CTC)Universal Credit (UC)
Housing BenefitPension Credit Savings Credit

EPC and Carbon Footprint

The EPC assesses and rates your property’s energy efficiency. It provides suggestions to cut energy expenses. To qualify for boiler grants, your home must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. 

No doubt, EPC ratings range from A (highly efficient) to G (less efficient). But if your property scores below D, you may be eligible for a free boiler grant. Moreover, a D rating implies higher energy costs and a potentially larger carbon footprint.


Eco4 empowers you to be a climate hero. It reduces your carbon footprint with solar panels, condensing boilers, and air-source heat pumps. Leap into a sustainable future, where every small change adds up to a significant impact. Join the movement for a greener planet and a brighter, cleaner tomorrow with Eco4. Your actions today shape a healthier, happier Earth for generations to come.