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7 Reasons To Construct A Fabric Structure For Your Business Property

Is your store failing to attract as much foot traffic as it once had? Does your storefront frequently fall victim to rainwater and snowfall seeping through the door sill?

If so, your store is the perfect candidate for a facade-focused facelift—specifically, a fabric structure installation!

You’re not undergoing a full-scale renovation project by adding this structure to your storefront. Putting a fabric structure up is as simple as affixing and tightening a fabric on some support beams (or the preexisting structure of your store) near your entryway or outdoor area.  

Getting a fabric structure is an easy and relatively cost-effective practice that can help your property on several fronts. Here are seven reasons why you should consider putting up a fabric structure on your business property.

1. It Limits Prolonged Sun Exposure

Getting a daily dose of sunshine is generally good for your health—prompting vitamin D production and lowering high blood pressure, among other positives—but too much time under the sun can be detrimental.

For one, it increases your risk of sunburn and skin cancer. This is especially true in countries found in the Southern Hemisphere like Australia and New Zealand, where the sun is about 10% closer to the Earth during the summer seasons due to the way the elliptical orbit of the planet.

Secondly, prolonged sun exposure also lowers your immune system and accelerates aging. This is because the body triggers a defective immune response when under sunlight for extended periods of time, causing various health problems.

Besides staying indoors and wearing sunscreen, people can stay protected from the sun when under shade, which is one thing a fabric structure is great for. Store owners can strategically prop up shade structures near their store entryway, which can invite people to stop by to rest. 

This, in turn, can lure them into potentially entering and buying something from the store.

2. It Protects Against The Elements

Another perk of a fabric structure is its ability to provide shelter outdoors. When it’s raining or snowing outside, a fabric shade structure can serve as a dry and shaded refuge for people passing by. 

Furthermore, when you have an outdoor installation or exhibit, fabric-shaded structures help keep valuable business assets like outdoor seating and tables free from rain. This helps prolong the lifespan of these items and maintain their appearance.

When the outdoor environment of your business is safe and comfortable, it can help attract more customers and keep your current ones happy. This, undoubtedly, can bring in lots of business. 

3. It Increases Property Value

A fabric structure is a transformative new amenity that can improve both the functional and physical status of your business, making it an investment that can boost your property’s market value.

For instance, by installing a fabric structure in an unused outdoor area, you’re turning it into a vibrant, usable space where your company can conduct commercial and social activities. 

Even a small fabric shade structure in a waiting shed or entryway can also make your property more distinct and stand out from the competition—increasing the market value beyond the cost of installation.

Furthermore, undergoing renovation projects signals to investors that you care about enhancing and maintaining the usability of the property. This can be a drastic deciding factor that can increase buyer interest in your property.

4. It Can Be Decorated to Attract Customers

A fabric structure is an expansive piece of decoration that has a tonne of visual appeal. It can be adorned with vibrant colourways and branding elements that can be great at capturing the attention of people passing by.

Therefore, if your goal is to attract foot traffic to your store, a fabric structure can be an excellent way to set a good first impression. 

It can also serve as a canvas for decoration—as many fabric structure installers like Greenline are happy to abide by your business’s theme and add text, prints, logos, and other customisations to reinforce your brand identity.

Furthermore, a well-decorated fabric structure can help deliver a lasting impression to people who just happen to pass by. This can effectively help keep your business top-of-mind when these people eventually need to buy something that your business is selling.

5. It’s More Cost-Effective Than Permanent Installations

If you want to expand your physical store onto an unused section of your property, you can consider using a fabric structure as a more cost-effective alternative to a permanent building renovation.

Construction materials and labour costs can rack up to quite a hefty price, especially if you’re building a structure from scratch. But if you simply want to add a new section to display some of your products—then putting up a fabric structure can help shield your product line from the elements and keep customers comfortable.

These structures eliminate the need for a large-scale construction project. And since there’s only one structure that needs to be built, it doesn’t take too much effort and time to see one to completion—usually just three months tops from the start of the contract signing.

Due to its simpler scale, these projects typically only go for $5,000 or less on average. However, they may go for more complex projects, so consult with your fabric installer to get a more accurate quote.

6. It’s Durable

Many people underestimate the durability of fabric structures. A standard, well-constructed one with solid engineering and high-quality materials can withstand long, harsh weather conditions, whether it’s storms, hail, or intense heat. 

In particular, it can take 30 years before you need to replace the fabric structure, granted that you’ve been maintaining it for three months regularly.

And we’re not just talking about the pole and support beams—the fabrics are also specially designed to take on various weather conditions. It’s fairly resistant to not just the elements, but also mould, mildew, and bacteria.

As such, if you intend to repurpose your outdoor space as a possible gathering venue in the long haul, then having a fabric structure can be an attractive solution.

7. It Optimises Outdoor Space

Another perk of fabric structure is its ability to transform a barren outdoor plot into something your company can fully utilise. For instance, if your interior doesn’t have enough room to host a large gathering, you can move the gathering outside underneath a fabric structure.

Furthermore, it can also help extend areas if space indoors is limited. For instance, you can put additional seating for waiting customers or set up an attractive retail display area. You can also simply use it as a space to put up stalls and catch the attention of passersby.

Having some activity outdoors can be great in capturing the eyes of customers. And having a fabric structure can help establishments lay the groundwork to make it happen.

8. It Enhances Customer and Staff Safety

Safeguarding the health of your staff and your store’s patrons is a duty every business owner should uphold. Besides following local health and safety regulations, it’s also important to be proactive in avoiding any work-related injuries within your property.

As the days become hotter annually, it’s important to reduce the heat index in your outdoor spaces to avoid heat-related illnesses like heat strokes. One way to cool down your property is by installing a fabric structure.

A fabric structure can cool down a place by about five degrees Celcius, making it an effective deterrent for heat-related illnesses. Furthermore, it can also keep customers and staff stationed outside safe from super cold and wet weather—which are definite pluses.