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Why Having Good Tracking is Essential in a Construction Warehouse

Good tracking is essential in a construction warehouse, with efficiency needing to occur in all stages of a warehouse’s pipeline. With 61% of projects often behind schedule according to ECMag, it shows warehouse processes need to improve, from manpower to warehouse storage units. One way processes can be improved is through the use of warehouse tracking. Warehouse tracking can keep track of the location of goods and pinpoint locations throughout the warehouse layout. 

It is a vital area to nail because the effectiveness of a warehouse can have a bearing beyond internal processes. Bad tracking can impact the timing of goods leaving the warehouse (known as the last mile delivery process), leading to delayed delivery times for customers and businesses.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the reasons as to why good tracking is essential in a construction warehouse. Keep on reading to find out more.

The basics of warehouse operations

Good tracking is paramount with so many different warehouse operations happening at once, but what are the basics of warehouse operations? Warehouse operations is the process of receiving, storing, shipping and accounting for all goods that pass through the warehouse facility. These four functions result in four essential categories of equipment, from storage, material handling, packing, shipping and barcode equipment. 

When it comes to a construction warehouse, inventory management (stock, storing and shipping), will be more of a challenge. Its vital warehouses have the correct stock and dispatches on time. For example, goods used in the construction industry such as timber, stone tiles, and concrete may need larger storage units that can withstand the heaviness over long periods. Larger shipping containers may be needed for shipping out items such as large planks of wood, or delicate stone. Food and drink stock may need fridges or freezers to stay fresh, until customer delivery. 

As you can see, these processes are vastly varied, so good WMS tracking for processes like inventory management is essential. Successful warehouse management softwares like Orderflow can help provide a complete audit trail of all stock movements and user activity, to help projects be effectively planned and executed. 

Project planning and execution

One reason for good tracking includes project planning and execution. Construction timelines are often ambitious, because warehouses are always turning around goods with  timelines. Other construction industry goods could include concrete, fabrics, bricks and sand, all coming from different locations. Effective tracking systems can provide crucial data on the availability and locations of materials, which can help managers plan workflows effectively. 

Customer Satisfaction

Excellent inventory management will mean orders will be fulfilled faster and shipped to customers more quickly, leading to brand loyalty and an increased likelihood they will buy from you again. You can give customers ETAs too, telling them when their product is likely to arrive. The use of good tracking can help see when items leave the warehouse and how long they take to be delivered. 

Save Money

The use of tracking for a construction warehouse can help a business save money. Faster processes means more items can be processed and delivered. Tracking systems that use automation will diminish the risk of human error, which would lead to businesses needing to repeat tasks. 

Regulatory Compliance

Another reason why good tracking is essential in a construction warehouse is due to regulatory compliance. Construction projects are subject to various regulations and standards, particularly regarding safety and environmental practices. Tracking systems help warehouses maintain compliance by documenting crucial information such as material origins, handling procedures, and disposal methods. 

By ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements at all times, warehouses can mitigate legal risks and uphold their reputation as a responsible business. The use of good tracking can also help deal with the situation should it arise. 

Overall, we hope this article helps you to understand why good tracking is essential in a construction warehouse. It leads to processes being completed effectively, leading to happy customers, businesses, as well as saving warehouse budgets.