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Five top tips for improving your patio space ahead of summer

We’re getting to that time of year again where we begin to enjoy the lighter nights and start to think about the warmer weather that lies just around the corner.

It’s also usually the time of year where we start to think about getting our gardens ready for the summer period so we can soak up the sun, host friends and family and generally maximise the outdoor space we have.

Our patio spaces are often the most used during this period and many of us are wanting to get them ship shape over the coming weeks. So, if that’s you, here are five top tips for doing just that…

Sort out your patio flooring

The flooring of your patio can make or break the space really. If it’s generally in good condition, preparing for the summer may only require a jet wash and a bit of weeding.

However, if it’s looking worn out or outdated, then you may want to consider replacing it with something fresh, look out for durable materials, such as limestone paving which can provide a timeless look that is durable, easy to maintain and blends in with many styles.

Alternatively, you may want to consider porcelain or ceramic tiles or even new decking, with composite decking a good option that is low-maintenance but also visually appealing.

Prioritise comfortable seating

Seating is of course a must for a patio space, and prioritising comfort is a must. Scrimping on chairs that turn out to be uncomfortable is only going to leave the space underutilised.

There are plenty of options when it comes to comfortable garden furniture, while you will also want to ensure they are weather resistant too. Materials such as rattan, aluminium and teak are good for this.

Think about how you wish to use the space too and this will help you determine the type of furniture you need. For example, if you’re predominantly going to use it for al fresco dining, then a table and chairs set up perhaps should be prioritised over furniture to lounge in.

Using lighting to set the atmosphere

Lighting can play a huge part in your patio’s functionality. On the one hand, it’s needed to navigate when it gets dark, while on the other it can be integral in setting the mood of the space.

Illuminating pathways and seating areas can make the space more visually appealing, with the likes of string lighting, lanterns and candles all providing the soft lighting that can make for a welcoming space.

What’s more, you may want to introduce citronella candles, which not only look pretty but also will help keep the mosquitoes away.

Add greenery and colour

While plants may be prominent in the rest of your garden, it also should be on your patio too, this can bring life and colour to your patio.

Using low maintenance plants that are suitable for the outdoors is obviously important, while a blend of potted plants, hanging baskets and climbers can all help immersing people within nature and the wider garden space.

Incorporate outdoor accessories

Once the basics are in place you can then start to add more character and personality to your patio. A good way to do this is through accessories.

Outdoor rugs, throws and artwork and sculptures can really add to this, not only showcasing a bit of who you are but also adding focal points in the garden too. Such accessories can really help elevate your patio space and even create talking points for your guests when they do come over to visit.